North-West College in Pasadena, California

North-West College is a known California massage school located at 530 E Union Street in Pasadena, California. If you live in or near Pasadena you will appreciate this school’s highest priority, which is to offer it’s students the highest quality of education. You can easily locate the school should you wish to visit the campus. You will find North-West College where Ventura Hiway connects to the Foothills Hiway. The school is just a few blocks from this area.

Your massage classes will give you an excellent education while you learn Swedish, Shiatsu, and Sports Massage. You will also learn Reflexology along with Spa services and wellness stategies. You will come to understand pain and the many alternative massage techniques and methods, such as deep tissue and various other modalities for assisting clients in alleviating their pain and stress.

Another benefit you will receive while attending North-West massage school is their Internship Workshop because the hands on experience will prepare you for employment in the workplace. Also, there is an online learning resource center which will help you keep up with course studies and excel in your classes. This way you will be fully ready to take your board exam once you complete your professional credentials.

The school also offer Placement Assistance for graduates who may need a little help locating a job along with making your own employment contacts. Your future could lead to employment in hospitals, gyms, or even resorts. It is fully up to you to choose the type of environment where you want to extend your services since job demand for trained therapists is continually growing and expected to do so in the coming years.

North-West has a reputation for offering an extensive program and takes good care of their students. Should you wish more information you can easily get all your questions answered. Just click on the following link and fill out the convenient form. There is no obligation by requesting information. It’s that easy to get your questions answered.

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CorporationMassage Practitioner Training Tips

It is nice to have a private dressing room area for your clients if at all possible.

You can also excuse yourself prior and after a treatment so that you clients can undress and dress in privacy of your massage room. Be sure to knock upon entering.

For freshening up after a session provide unscented tissues and cotton swabs or QTips. This allows the client to wipe away any massage lotion or oil and any makeup that may have smeared during treatment such as mascara, or to prevent potential stains from massage oil on their clothing. If you can, also include a full length mirror for clients to check their attire before leaving.


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