Getting Back in Alignment with the Universe

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

An airplane has a device that detects a special radio beacon to help keep it on course. The pilot can hear a tone from this device as he flies from place to place. When the plane flies to one side or the other of that signal, the sound changes to let the pilot know he’s off course. He can then make a small course change and get “back on the beam.”

The problems in your life are simply signals that tell you that you’ve gotten off the beam. Affirmations can help you get right back on. They sink into the subconscious mind and it then does what’s necessary to bring you back on course. If you have trouble with an affirmation of “I’m healthy” when your nose is running, your body aches, and you have a fever, remember that what you’re stating is a Reality to the Universe. At the moment, you may have a reality of illness, but it will pass away.

By affirming health, you’re recognizing the health that is Spirit, and Spirit is in you, therefore Spirit in you is health, and that health is now working its way into your life. The cold is transitory, not a Reality from Spirit’s perspective. It simply shows that you’ve gotten out of alignment with perfect health. Somehow, you slipped off center, and needed to be slowed down. Affirming health allows you to align again, and lets the subconscious do what needs to be done to bring that about.

Affirmations open up your conscious mind to Universal consciousness. When you affirm, you’re not changing the Mind of the Infinite, convincing the Universe, or pleading to a far off deity, you’re changing your mind. An affirmation simply reminds you that what you desire is already yours, and helps to change your mind to accept it.

The only thing that prevents you from having what you want is your old beliefs. You have attitudes that have created mental habits. When you begin to expand into a greater acceptance of good, you release old concepts to absorb more of what is already yours.

Affirm that Truth, and set your doubts on the shelf. They don’t help. For a very long time, I lived in a soggy part of the country. One February, it rained all month and we never saw the sun for even one minute for over thirty days. Since all I saw were grey clouds, I began to doubt there was a sun. But whether I believed it or not, the sun was up there, above the clouds, shining on other regions. It just wasn’t shining through the clouds in my location.

You can observe how the sun shines in others’ lives and know that what Spirit does in their lives, It can and will do in yours. Affirm that whether you believe it or not, the sun (Spirit) is up there, waiting for you to acknowledge it. As you know the Truth that the sun is above, watch the clouds part and a rainbow emerge.

The choice is yours. One day, in this life or another, you’ll accept all the good of the Universe and have a blessed existence. All you need to do is get back on the beam, in alignment with the Reality of the Universe.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and leads seminars on empowerment and stress reduction. You can visit her web site at

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