When Bad Things Happen: The Storm Before the Calm

If you’ve been practicing metaphysics you may have noticed an occasional disconcerting side effect. Certain types of metaphysical treatments can occasionally produce an initial effect which is exactly the opposite of we intended. We can feel that bad things are happening instead of what we really intended. This can occur if one is using affirmations, practicing a type of meditation for a specific purpose, or using visualizations. Oddly enough, this is often a very good sign. It’s an indication that the treatment has far ranging effects, and that a significant restructuring of your reality system is taking place. Metaphysicians have as their purpose, to rearrange their thought patterns for the purpose of rearranging their reality. To induce the Universe to conform to their personal expectations of “how life is”. It sometimes occurs that this rearrangement begins to look like cleaning out a closet. Initially, chaos ensues. Clothes are strewn about, boxes are everywhere and we wonder what we’re going to do with it all. When we begin dumping negative ideas and beliefs the same thing can happen. If we are clearing out some really nasty or pernicious negativity, the Universe will try to conform to that, since that’s where the power is.

The solution is simple. Renew your resolve to continue your cleaning. If you leave everything laying around unresolved, you get to live with the mess. You could try to put everything back where it was, and that’s a viable temporary solution. However the same need that impelled you to start cleaning, may not have changed. It will likely surface again. Sometimes the chaos which has occurred will change our minds about our treatment and that’s a valid choice. But if it hasn’t, you can know that what you’re already doing is getting results.

The subconscious is known to throw up it’s “last ditch defenses” when it’s negative beliefs have been especially entrenched and are now being loosened. It’s as if it goes all out to convince us to not change, remain the same and please don’t rock the boat. We may feel especially discouraged about our progress and small things can cause us to overreact. Being aware of the changes which are occurring within us can be comforting.

Recognition that this phenomenon can sometimes occur often makes it easier to cope with this temporary storm of negativity. Additionally there’s a timing factor which may ease the tension. Once a fresh commitment to the metaphysical treatment is made it rarely takes more than 2 days for the treatment to either manifest properly or an excellent reason why it needs to be changed will be revealed. This phenomenon is most likely to occur 3-4 weeks into the practice of a significant new treatment. My observation has shown that if this situation occurs in the midst of a treatment, this solution and the accompanying timing are pretty predictable.

Some people get frightened away from metaphysics entirely when this reality chaos kicks in. This is understandable because it only occurs with a subject that is already highly charged emotionally. Examples of this are metaphysical treatments concerning love, health or money. Difficulties in any of these 3 areas are usually deeply rooted in the subconscious and frequently stem from long past circumstances. Habit patterns of thought and belief on these subjects are generally defended with a great deal of energy.

It saddens me when someone abandons a study of metaphysics after encountering this situation. I take comfort in the fact that any exposure to the subject has an unavoidable tendency to increase one’s level of personal responsibility. Apparently we have an instinctive understanding that we create our reality through the power of our thoughts. When this is awakened, one’s consciousness is permanently altered, in such a way that it cannot help but improve the quality of life for the individual and those around them.

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