The Goddess in Your Astrology Chart

The aspects of the Goddess are commonly referred to as the Maiden, Mother and Crone (or Wise Woman). These aspects represent various phases of a woman’s lifecycle, yet also different modes of psychological development. Astrology makes room for these multifaceted dimensions of a woman’s psyche, while simultaneously recognizing how the Goddess operates through and influences a man’s chart. The Maiden is represented by Venus, the Mother is the Moon, and the Wise Woman can be seen as Jupiter.

Venus is the aspect of the Goddess that is the Lover. She is playful, social and fond of attention. The Maiden can be very indulgent, looking for pleasure wherever she goes. Venus, or the Maiden, is not so much aware of the consequences of her actions as she is as in the experience itself. It is the purpose of Venus to gather things up and hold things close. She is led by her desires and she wants it all! This can lead to compulsive pleasure-seeking, whether it be in the realm of sex, alcohol, food or money.

The Moon, or the Mother exposes a different side of the Goddess. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so now the Goddess shows herself as less indulgent of personal desires and more nurturing toward the needs of others. The Maiden gathered up a wide variety of experiences and has satisfied her cravings — as Mother it is now time to share herself with a family and children. Even men and single women can reflect the Goddess as Mother through career and community commitments. Moon and the Mother wants to help soothe the emotional needs of others. This aspect of the Goddess ensures that all are safe, with enough food, clothes, shelter and affection. Eventually the Goddess evolves toward Jupiter, the Wise Woman. In astrology Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. Jupiter is able to take all aspects of life to blend pleasure and sorrow into a benevolent philosophy. This is the Grandmother. She has the eagle’s view of life. She is able to make sense of all the ups and downs. She finds order in chaos and meaning in the seemingly randomness of events. Just as the Moon as Mother shares her emotional self, Jupiter as the Crone shares her wisdom and perspective.

As mentioned earlier, these aspects of the Goddess operate together in either a man or a woman’s chart. We all have Venus, the Moon and Jupiter. The astrologer must study how these phases of the Goddess are interacting within a client’s chart. Are these elements in harmony, or is there a balance that needs to be found? For instance a person with Venus and Jupiter in conflict could continually act against their own best interests. The passionate young woman (Venus) refuses to take the wise counsel of the Grandmother (Jupiter). The person might feel, “I can’t believe I did it again!! Why don’t I ever listen to my inner voice when I’m caught up in a wild desire??” It is also important for an astrologer to be aware of how the Goddess planets work between two charts in a relationship, or even within an entire family. People who share harmonious Venus/Maiden aspects may be wonderful lovers, but if they have Moon problems, they may find it difficult to be married or live together.

In a woman’s chart, observing the placements of Venus, the Moon and Jupiter help the astrologer perceive the level of self love and self respect of the female client. In a man’s chart the same planets reveal his attitudes about and responses to women, as well as his level of comfort with the receptive and feminine pieces of his own nature. In order to be psychologically and spiritually whole, both women and men need to balance, honor and express all three dimensions of the Goddess. It is a continual dance of learning and growing that we all undergo. We can be assured that the Divine Feminine is watching us lovingly and guiding us gently as we walk the path of this life.

By Aluna Michaels

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