Moon Sign Astrology: The Messages of the Moon: Part 4

How does your Moon Sign affect you, your life, and your relationships on a daily basis? The impact can be significant, reflecting not only changes in moods, but with perceptions, communications, health, objects, in effect, all areas of life.

When we keep track of the moon’s daily motion, taking approximately 2 and 1/2 days per sign, we will have a far better idea of what to expect in our lives. To do this, we may have a daily calendar that gives Moon Signs, such as “The Sun Moon Stars 2001 Calendar”.

Use of an astrological ephemeris, a listing of the planets as they move through the zodiac will give an accurate placement of the Moon on a daily basis.

A general understanding of the horoscope signs contributes mightily to being able to gauge the emotional ‘tone’ of a day in any given sign. Naturally, there are some signs that just aren’t happy with the moon, and its introverted, emotional nature. These are the ones that, when these days come around we all need to try a little harder to get along (and perhaps, to get by) than usual.

An aquaintance with the astrological qualities is the most convenient way to determine the nature of a moon sign day.

If we begin with the elements, known as the triplicity, we can readily begin to relate the moon to these modes of expression. The elements are earth, air, fire and water. The Moon is known as a water planet and its ruler, Cancer, is a water sign. It is evident that in other water signs, lunar qualities express comfortably. Here though, is where we again bump up against the issue that we are living in a world, a society that is not geared towards lunar expression. For example, the sensitivity of the moon in any of the water signs, though an efficient channel of emotion, cannot express easily in the sterile isolationism of modern society. Therefore, what is good for the individual internally, may not serve us as well in our daily lives.

Consider the days in the month of the Piscean Moon. This is an exceptionally intuitive energy, but, oh, so terribly sensitive that our world is subject to a multiplicity of hurt feelings, misunderstandings and tears. And that’s just your boss!

How about Scorpio Moon time when corporate back-stabbing runs rampant and we may deeply punish ourselves for not being as lily-white pure as we suspect that we ought to be?

Earth signs by transit are often easier to deal with in our daily world, as what you see is most often what you get. Virgo will see us working over the details of what is bothering us until every aspect of it is perfect. Taurus can make everyone comfortable, be predictable and perhaps even turn a profit. And though Capricorn may be a little cold, significant accomplishments can be made.

Air moons can be easier to tolerate for those who haven’t patience with emotions. Gemini will come up with facts, figures and answers so that emotional matters can be laid to rest. Libra will make the necessary adjustments to the extremes the other signs have engendered, helping one to feel sane and rational. Aquarius may decide that there is no such thing as emotions, at least in the future that is being projected, so we needn’t be concerned about that at all.

Coming from a Cancer Moon, I find days under the Fire signs the most entertaining. This is the time that could find you screaming, “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG!!”. Uh huh. An Aries Moon day is a bit like having itching powder in your underwear. Impatience, frustration and one single, battered nerve may be typical. Leo Moon days can go very well, having us feel that we’ve got the world by the tail until that one single thing goes wrong. At this point, we may decide that nobody loves us, everybody hates us, and we’re going into the garden to eat worms. The Sagittarian Moon makes us restless, and wanting to be on the go. If stressful, we can convince ourselves of huge emotional dramas that are very ‘rational’ to no one but ourselves.

These are very brief statements of lunar influences by transit. It can be helpful to watch how you respond to these influences by keeping an emotional journal for one month. Compare this to the moon signs of those days. You will find areas that you can improve your performance on days that you are especially sensitive and emphasize your strengths where you shine. For instance, I do very well on water sign days in my line of work where empathy and compassion are daily necessities. In a corporate environment or accounting office, my natural tendencies would only serve as moodiness which could affect the quality of my work negatively.

Then there isthe quadruplicity, the sets of four signs of the same quality; cardinal, fixed and mutable. The moon in the cardinal signs is action oriented, and needs to feel that something is happening based on its own efforts. The fixed Moon signs need only to ‘be’, to invoke that which is already within them. The mutable Moon signs are, in essence, trying to please. They are attempting a connection with someone or something from which they can get approval.

In dealing withthe Moon one must always bear in mind that what one is dealing with and what one thinks they are dealing with may be entirely different propositions. We are actually looking for ways to cope with how we feel about life, not for what life ‘really’ is. As you observe yourself and those around you through the moon signs, look for the indications of emotions being a *reflection* of the world, and not the world itself.

Since life is based on perceptions, this reflective quality of lunar expression is quite important enough, since a bad mood can make or break a job, a relationship or a war. You may wish to experiment with which lunar days show the highest quality decisions on your part, or the most depth of perception.

How we feel about our world can be just as important as what is in our world. Learning to validate the messages of the moon and what they are saying to you can intensify your experience of life and heighten its quality exponentially. Learn the techniques that will allow you the nurturing you came into this world to receive and the care that you can give back to it. Listen to your Moon.

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