Beginner & Advanced Students: Learn Shiatsu with Angela Carini’s DVDs

The hands-on therapy of shiatsu incorporates Western-based anatomy and physiology with eastern-based philosophies of chi and massage therapy.

Used to re-establish body imbalances and promote natural health and wellness, shiatsu treatments are both effective and relaxing to the client.

Massage therapists seeking additional natural modalities of treatment to incorporate into their existing practices can develop shiatsu treatment skills with educational DVDs by Zen shiatsu therapist, Angela Carini.

Shiatsu: Holistic Health and Wellness Therapy

As a specialized therapy using techniques of pressure and stretching, the ancient modality of shiatsu—Japanese for “finger pressure”—has proven itself to be an effective and therapeutic healing treatment. This form of bodywork uses pressure from the fingers on the energy pathways—or meridians—of the body to release any build-up or imbalance of energy—or “chi”—throughout the nervous system.

By stimulating the circulation throughout the body, they body’s toxins are released, the immune system is stimulated, and restoration of stress levels and the nervous system can take place.

Advantages of shiatsu therapy include:

  • Deep relaxation and reduction of stress and tension
  • Release of toxins and build-up
  • Prevention of disease
  • Reduction of blood pressure, improvement of circulation, and increases of mental and spiritual awareness

Preventative and Rehabilitative Holistic Therapy

Massage on Woman's FacePeople who benefit from shiatsu treatments include those seeking relaxation; with neck, back, or shoulder pain; who suffer from headaches, anxiety, PMS, or insomnia; and those with arthritis, digestive issues, or even depression. Shiatsu therapy is also effective for people recovering from whiplash or repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, or fibromyalgia.

As both a preventative and as a rehabilitative therapy, shiatsu massage is an effective natural treatment for people of all ages. Treatment periods can last between two to ten sessions, depending on the severity of condition. Shiatsu is also a great complementary therapy alongside traditional deep tissue massage, reflexology, or other holistic health approaches. The application of shiatsu is much different than western massage therapy, so it can be a stand alone treatment, or work in unison.

Angela Carini, Shiatsu Therapist

Shiatsu therapist, Angela Carini, helps clients regain their natural equilibrium and vitality through effective healing sessions. By fusing Eastern and Western health perspectives, Carini delivers a dynamic and integrated natural wellness approach.

For the past fifteen years, Carini has developed her passions for natural health and wellness through the studies of dance, bodywork, and mind-body fitness. Carini, an American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) certified therapist, graduated from Zen Shiatsu Chicago, and since has become an instructor of the healing art form at her alma matter and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine at Chicago. Also armed with a B.S. Dance from Northwestern University, Carini’s second area of teaching is Pilates.

Carini developed a set of educational Shiatsu DVDs, suitable for beginners and intermediates interested in learning shiatsu—either as practitioners or students—or for those interested in incorporating the therapy into their massage practice.

Shiatsu Beginners’ Instructional DVD

The Art of Shiatsu: Level 1 (Heartcore Bodyworks Studio) is an instructional video for beginners. Angela leads viewers through a shiatsu session, covering the entire body. This video is excellent as an introduction to the holistic healing art of shiatsu, as Angela covers the locations of the major points, as well as the meridian trajectories. Viewers are able to learn the importance of correct body placement, as well as correct technique.

The educational video The Art of Shiatsu: Level 1 covers five areas through Angela’s clear and concise explanations and demonstrations:

  • The five principles of Zen shiatsu
  • Supine shiatsu technique
  • Prone shiatsu technique
  • Side-lying technique
  • Major point locations

This instructional video is suitable for beginners or for students, as well as for established massage therapists looking for an additional form of therapy to incorporate into their sessions.

For more information on learning beginner shiatsu therapy, click > The Art of Shiatsu: Level 1

Intermediate Shiatsu Educational DVD

Angela’s follow up DVD, The Art of Shiatsu: Level 2, is well-suited with those who are looking to compound their basic knowledge of the holistic healing therapy of shiatsu. This intermediate-level educational DVD offers viewers a thorough demonstration of an intermediate treatment, including:

  • Intermediate prone and supine shiatsu technique
  • Seated shiatsu technique
  • Proper use of knees, elbows, and forearms
  • Hara diagnosis
  • Yu points

For more information on intermediate shiatsu treatment, click > The Art of Shiatsu: Level 2

View a Sample of the Beginner’s Shiatsu Course


For more information on intermediate shiatsu treatment, click > The Art of Shiatsu: Level 2

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