Sound Bites From Silence

In today’s chaotic world, many people find themselves longing for silence; a refuge from the noise and stress of modern living.

Robert Rabbin attempts to provide readers with the opportunity for silence in his new eBook, “Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness.”

Through his eBook, Rabbin artfully represents the themes of nature, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the divine as the everyday, and the importance of living an active yet free life. He links these themes together with his contemplations on the idea of silence.

Like All Good Teachers, Rabbin Offers Guidance

Robert RabbinWith one glance at the Table of Contents, “Sound Bites” appears initially overwhelming. However, readers need not balk at the 67 different titles. Within the Table of Contents, Rabbin provides guidance for his readers. The sound bites are simply titled, giving the readers options; they may choose a piece directly correlating to a specific area of their life, or they may choose one at random.

Rabbin begins the book with an introduction. Though informative, it feels as though the introductory content would be best suited as an afterword. The individual sound bites speak strongly for themselves, and truly need no introduction. The series of actual sound bites begins with “The Highest Truth.”

It sets the tone for the pages to come, introducing readers to the style, flow, and mood of the work. Though “The Highest Truth” works extremely well as the first sound bite, Rabbin insists in the introduction that any sound bite works just as well as the reader’s first.

Rabbin’s Style Provides Inspiration

Silence at SunsetThrough each sound bite, Rabbin discusses a different element of silence. In a sense, each sound bite provides a meditation on its respective topic. The book feels like a modern day “Tao Te Ching,” giving readers a sense of a way of life while remaining open to interpretation. Additionally, while Rabbin expresses Buddhist influence, he avoids religious and philosophical dogma. The book allows readers to ponder silence and life for themselves, with Rabbin as their gentle encourager.

Breathtaking images add to the atmosphere of the book, allowing for further immersion into this world of silence so eloquently depicted by Rabbin. Rabbin utilizes a unique sense of spacing and capitalization throughout the book. His style adds a beautiful lyrical quality to the text. Readers gain the most from Rabbin’s book when they take the time to admire the poetry of each sound bite.

The font used to write the title of each piece alludes to a handwritten quality. This natural feeling of the font gives the impression that Rabbin has handwritten the sound bites on mountain tops, near streams, and in the midst of the wilderness, as the accompanying photographs suggest. Readers sense that they are reading a deeply personal journal of expression, which makes the experience both special and enjoyable.

Further Thought While Drawing the Book to a Close

The informational interviews at the end of the book let the reader know more about Rabbin and his concept of silence.

Their conversational style gently allows the reader to come back from the meditation of the sound bites. Additionally, the interviews provide a sense of context, and bring light to different ways of contemplating the sound bites. Ultimately they prepare the reader for another journey through the book and a continued journey through life.

sound bites bookcoverRabbin’s new work “Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness” provides readers with glimpses into the mysterious yet available world of silence. Through his sound bites, Rabbin inspires others to seek their own sense of silence, and to begin to fill any spiritual voids in their lives.

Readers interested in spiritual growth and the appreciation of beauty do not want to miss Rabbin’s thought provoking lyricism in “Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness.”

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