Vedic Astrology in East Indian Gemstone Jewelry: Remedy for Budha – Mercury

Gemstones and jewelry created using the Vedic astrology system can help balance the influences of Mercury in a chart. Because of the importance Mercury plays in our modern world, almost anyone can benefit from a upaya to improve his influence or better his effects. Almost anyone working with computers or involved with a great deal of communication finds themselves influenced by Mercury for better or worse much of the time.

Because Mercury moves quickly from our vantage point he has little influence on transits. However, a dasha of Mercury can last for a long period of time and it is in this situation that one should consider upayas to improve his effects.


Mercury is considered to be the most intelligent of all the planets. So much so that he can even be deceptive or manipulative. Mercury is associated with the dispensation of information and his worship may result in the devotee gaining needed information or being able to give his own information to others.

Mercury is lord of the skin and the rational mind and his disciplines are science, mathematics and business.

The influence of Mercury usually presents itself in a sharp wit and a way with words. Those with a strong Mercury usually come across as highly intelligent but at the same time unfocused. Mercury is fond of fun and games and gets bored very easily. Its natives usually hold their age well and can appear much younger than their biological age. Mercury often excels at a superficial type of knowledge which absorbs the generals easily but can miss details.

Mercury is associated with communication in general and is considered talkative. Trade and all things associated with commerce come under his domain as well as the written word and publishing of all types. Mercury is also the patron saint of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Journeys of all types fall under the domain of Mercury.


Budha, Saumya, Vid, Jna, Somaja, Bodhana, Kumar, Vidhusuta. Note the traditional spelling for Mercury is not the same as the Buddha of religious literature and Buddhism.

Budha is the name used most often in Sanskrit literature.


Mercury is associated with memory, speech, throat, journeys and uncles on the female side of the family.


Mercury is considered to be the son of the moon in the genealogy of the gods. He was once female and known as Ila but Narayana turned her into a boy and from that point on she/he was called Sudyumna. Other Vedic literature associates Mercury with Vishnu or Brahma.

North is considered to be the direction of Mercury. He is strong when in the east.

Mercury is associated with the Asuras in the great conflict of the gods.

The maturity year for Mercury is 32 years. This is the year in which the full effects of mercury begin to be felt.

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo and is exalted in Virgo. The worst placement for Mercury is in Pisces.

The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra designates mercury as a benefic unless he is joined with another malefic in which case he too becomes malefic.

The day of rulership for Mercury is Wednesday.

Mercury is always associated with the color green and his metal is brass.

Mercury is friendly with the Sun and Venus. The Moon is his enemy and the rest of the planets are all considered neutral.

Mercury rules the element earth.

Ayurvedic medicine assigns Mercury a mixed constitution of all three doshas – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.


Accuracy, analytical viewpoint, lack of originality, aversion to love and devotion, communication, editing, comprehension, research, computers, conversions, sexual ambiguity or bisexuality, diplomacy, discrimination, elegance, eloquence, fun, liberality, things that are green, wit, memory, logic, math, astrology, medicine, science, messengers, journeys and travel, public speaking, students or scholars, writing, skin, study, books, education.


The proper stone for Mercury in Indian Astrology is the Emerald with Chrome/Green Tourmaline being a secondary choice considered acceptable. Whatever gem is chosen it should be without flaws and defects and is best when set in brass which is the metal associated with Mercury.

A gemstone and jewelry remedy based on Vedic Indian astrology for Mercury can influence mental/nervous disorders, being unable to stand up for oneself, finding ones voice, easing communication, education/study problems, aloofness, amorality, intellect and over analysis, thought and communication.

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