Beyond the Ordinary: Review of Manifesting Michelangelo by Joseph Pierce Farrell

Manifesting Michelangelo (Atria) by Joseph Pierce Farrell is a ground-breaking book that combines what many believe but feel science hasn’t proven.

Although the concepts in this book are not new, what makes it truly groundbreaking is how Farrell combines the “unprovable” with scientific proof, and asserts the possibilities is the subtitle: The Story of a Modern-Day Miracle—That May Make All Change Possible.

Working as a furniture restoration expert, Joseph Pierce Farrell one evening was taken by surprise when he experienced a truly inspired moment that not only changed his life, but many others too. Now you too have the opportunity to be positively transformed by what Farrell experienced those ten years ago.

Farrell’s Transformation

Author Joseph FarrellFarrell explains in his own words,

A ray of illumination shot straight up and down to the left and the right, forming a pair of axes. My heart began to beat very fast, yet I didn’t blink. I couldn’t have taken my eyes off what I was seeing if I had wanted to.

From that moment in time on, Farrell explains that using only his thoughts and a connection to the very Source who created all, he has been able to literally change and heal human tissues and more.

In Manifesting Michelangelo, Farrell takes the reader on a journey of discovery. Discovery of the power that each of us currently has inside of us that needs only to be realized and connected with the Source of all is what awaits you in this impressive book.

Unlimited Potential in You

Face Before Being HealingManifesting Michelangelo is a twenty-one chapter, 237 page hard cover book that is easy to read and understand. Farrell tells the tale of what brought him to the point of healing with his mind—and connection to the unlimited Source—in a very personalized, easy to grasp manner. I picked up the book to scan a few chapters and found myself immersed in the first paragraph. Before I knew it I was suddenly on Chapter 4.

This book is powerful. Each chapter begins with a poignant, soul-reaching quote that truly inspires greatness in the reader. There are also photographs in the book showing clearly some of the physical changes brought about by Farrell’s healing techniques.

Man's Healed FaceThe first sixteen chapters are a journey to gain understanding and the wisdom behind Farrell’s experience and now practices. In addition, they explore scientific evidence, witness accounts, and more that uphold the theory that the spiritual and the scientific are directly linked.

A Hands-On 5 Step Guide

But that’s not all you get with Manifesting Michelangelo—and this part is crucial. In addition, Farrell provides an easy-to-read, five step process for the reader to use to access this power of intention transforming his or her life.

This is a potent book that if used correctly by many people would surely transform the world as we know it today. It’s all about re-connecting to those childhood dreams: you know, the ones that got your blood racing and your heart pounding with anticipation? So many of us let go of these dreams at the expensive of our souls and are now living meaningless, sad lives. Manifesting Michelangelo helps you to re-connect to those lost dreams and make them reality.  And J.P. Farrell will help you make it happen.

Farrell’s Far Reaching Hand of Hope

Cover for Manifesting MichelangeloFarrell is no stranger to teaching others to live their full potential—the potential that they were intended here with. In fact, he’s the director of the Global Health Institute as well as an advisor to the United Nations NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values, and Global Concerns.

At the Global Health Institute, Farrell is dedicated to the advancement of integrated healthcare for health care providers, patients, students, the media, and the public. The institute funds research and presents findings in the form of lectures, articles, and videos all on the topic of integrated medicine.

I highly recommend this book, Manifesting Michelangelo. It is a must read no matter who you are or what you’re doing right now—you can benefit from reading this book. And the world may just be the beneficiary, too.

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Mind Can Affect Matter

Read other Reviews > Manifesting Michelangelo by Joseph Pierce Farrell

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