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Resource Review: “Ultimate Reiki & Radical Reiki – Radical Life” by CT Conroy and JA Conroy

Have you ever stopped to think that an “expert” simply has experience with something? That a “professional” is not so much an authority as s/he is one who makes a public profession of faith? In an instance of Life’s impeccable spiritual timing, I spent one day this week looking up these and similar words in dictionary pages, as writerly geeks often do. That very evening, I received a copy of “Radical Reiki – Radical Life” by CT Conroy and JA Conroy.

It’s clear these authors have done a lot of thinking and feeling about what it means to be experts in their own lives, and they’ve come to the radical conclusion that we’re all meant to be our own experts. The important information in this eBook is not about “authorized” Reiki symbols or “authorized” living, unless by “authorized” you are referring to yourself as the author of your own life experience.

“Radical Reiki – Radical Life” is a useful introduction to the history and methods of Reiki (a Japanese word for “healing.”) It also includes directions for initiating yourself as a Usui Reiki Master. This is no small matter. In the past, one could only become initiated to Reiki by an existing Reiki Master with the help of expensive fees. But the Conroys feel strongly that the world is in dire need of the spiritual and physical help Reiki can offer. Though the tone of the book is often light, it’s clear the authors are quite serious about sharing their knowledge via a radical release of previously-secret knowledge for the price of an eBook. The information just might impact Reiki Master Tuition Costs and encourage natural energy practitioners throughout the world.

At the same time, the Usui Reiki lineage is to be respected, but not worshipped. In the Conroy’s worldview, Reiki is not a magic wand or a superstitious secret society. Reiki is the authors’ vehicle for carrying their body, mind, and spirit healing message that the most powerful thing in your world is your own consciousness.

With lighthearted step-by-step exercises and personal sharing, CT and JA Conroy introduce the reader to their cosmology and techniques. By careful introduction to both the Eastern and Western versions of the history of the practice of Reiki, they respectfully demystify the subject, so that the reader begins to understand that anyone willing to study and practice can walk this path.

“Radical Reiki – Radical Life” is written in a friendly tone that is reassuring without being condescending, that brings light and lightheartedness to a profound subject. An example is a soon-to-be-classic line from the book. “All religions are attempting to lead their followers in a similar direction. And all are useful – until they are not, and that’s when the trouble starts.”

For the Conroys, fun is what it’s all about. “You have come into physical form (body) to have fun…There is nothing you have ‘come to learn’…You already ‘know’ all there is to ‘know’…you just have to remember it.”

The illustrations of text and the Reiki symbols are as elegantly drawn as they are fun to learn. The whole purpose, the authors emphasize, is to focus your intention to call forth the healing that is available to all people.

Reading this book had me humming the first verse of my favorite hymn:

“It’s in every one of us, to be wise. Find your heart, open up both your eyes. We can all know everything, without ever knowing why. It’s in every one of us, by and by.”

“Radical Reiki – Radical Life” will jog your cosmic memory and perhaps launch you onto a new kind of alternative health profession.

The Ultimate Reiki Package

Now there is even better news. The Conroy’s have just put together the Ultimate Reiki resource. With Ultimitate Reiki Package you’ll become a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, Usui Reiki Master and a Tibetan Reiki Master.

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You will also receive two additional videos, downloadable manuals and workbooks, plus far to many materials and benefits to list here, along with ongoing backup support.

You will find this one of the best resources for becoming an expert in Reiki, with all the learning tools and materials brilliantly combined together plus ongoing support.

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