Career Training Academy TM – New Kensington, Pennsylvania

Do you want to attend a school to learn methods of advanced bodywork, such as Shiatsu massage and medical massage?

Take classes and training at one of the holistic healing schools in PA such as Career Training Academy TM in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Of the bodywork schools in Pennsylvania, CTA is considered one of the very best. Students who complete their Advanced Bodyworker Course earn their AST degree in a little over fifteen months.

Exciting workplaces are open to trained professionals. Upon graduation you can decide to work in many different health and wellness care settings, such as hospitals, nursing facilities, cruise ships, spas, hotels, full-service salons and many others will be seeking your services upon graduation. You may wish, instead, to open your very own clinic and help those in need of medical massage and various bodywork modalities.

Learning all the details is simple and easy. Just contact Career Training Academy TM at New Kensington, Pennsylvania and you can get all your questions answered.


What exactly is Shiatsu? The word translates roughly to “pressure of the fingers”. The technique increases circulation and prevents imbalances in the human body. In the basic technician program, you will learn a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology to prepare you to become a success in this professional therapy field.

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