Chinese Medicine Diploma Programs: PCU College of Holistic Medicine – Burnaby, BC – Canada

This Fine Oriental Medicine College in the greater Vancouver, BC area is a leading educational and clinical institution in Canada offering courses in Burnaby.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Program (TCM) or Oriental Medicine Program is three years in length or a total of 132 weeks in duration. Each year is sectioned into four terms or quarters with twelve quarters in total. As part of the coursework of this program students also complete a successful internship as part of their course studies. This program includes the Acupuncturist (R. Ac.) and TCM Herbalist (R.TCM H) programs.

Following completion of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Program, students can continue on if they choose and complete studies in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program. This program offers advanced coursework in Traditional Chinese Medicine and also has an extensive internship component. Students can complete this program in four, eleven week quarters. Students applying for programs at PCU do require a minimum of two years of university education or the equivalent before they are accepted for admission.

What is exceptional about PCU College of Holistic Medicine is that students may also study Chinese Massage, also known as Chinese Tunia/Anmo and Spa Therapy. Other programs which can be taken independantly include Acupuncture and Herbology to round out the holistic education available at PCU College located in Burnaby, BC.

Therfore, students who complete studies and pass the board exams can become a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM), TCM practitioner (R.TCM.P.), TCM herbalist (R.TCM.H.) or Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) while attending classes at PCU in British Columbia, Canada.

To learn more about PCU’s Chinese and Oriental Medicine diploma programs just visit the following link and enter your information. You can learn when the new classes start which happens several times each year as well as tuition fees, and even schedule a campus tour.

To learn more, click > PCU College of Holistic Medicine – Burnaby, BC, Canada

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