The Shape of Light, a Music CD by Jeff Ball

The Native American courting flute creates some of the most hauntingly beautiful music you can imagine. New Age music artist, Jeff Ball, the lead man for the band of the same name, has utilized this aspect of the courting flute to the utmost. Anyone who has not heard the music created by Jeff Ball on their newest release, The Shape of Light, is really missing out on a grand experience.

The solemn intonations bring to mind the majesty of the first Americans who created this unique instrument for use in their culture. The sounds are relaxing, stress relieving, and a rare treasure in today’s world.

Native American Flute Music - CD CoverTo add yet another dimension, in 2004, Jeff Ball and his musical cohorts were introduced to a new instrument called the “Hang.” This flying saucer-like instrument includes two shells of steel indented to represent seven to nine notes that are harmonically tuned around a deep root tone. Played using both hands, the sound is somewhat bell-like and like the sound of Caribbean steel drums. Blending the sound of this new age instrument with the wooden flutes, The Shape of Light, evokes mystical states through the perfect synergy attained by blending the old and the new instruments.

The music may remind listeners of some of the names known from the past. There is a vague reminiscence of the haunting sounds of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, yet the sound is so original it cannot really be compared. There is simply nothing like the sound created by this band.

Jeff Ball started out as a solo flutist in Washington D.C. By the time he had three albums to his credit, collaborators joined him to form a band. The band has evolved over the years into the cohesive sound created by Ball along with John Natale on guitar and keyboards, Randy Ball on bass, and Ted Natale on drums and percussions.

The spiritual melodies and emotional harmonies are quieting, calming, serene, yet compelling. Ball and his band explore just how far they can go with the instruments that few will recognize but most will come to love.

Ball credits masters such as Spotted Eagle as inspiration for his style bridging Native American flute music with a new age music sound that makes The Shape of Light perfect as meditation, massage music, or general enjoyment. Originally recorded under the title “Touching Quiet,” this new release with the much better title incorporates the violin of Arvel Bird and adds 10 more minutes of beautiful music not included in the initial release.

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