Vedic Astrology Software – Parashara’s Light

GeoVision Software has developed an amazing Vedic astrology software program, Parashara’s Light 2000, that has more power, more calculations, charts, tables and graphs than any other Vedic astrology program available. You’ll be thrilled when you see how easily you can create customized 2007 horoscopes for yourself, your family and friends or as a business as well as future years.

With Parashara’s Light, you don’t sacrifice power for the ease of use. A novice can begin generating charts quickly but professionals love the program as well. The “Chart Tutor, Click and Learn” function and on-line lessons allow even the most inexperienced budding astrologer to create horoscopes immediately while the Birth Time Rectification capability, research tools and customized printouts are loved by those who have more experience casting yearly horoscopes.

Parashara’s Light is also about beauty. From the screens you’ll view to the printouts, all the colors, backgrounds, format and content is very attractive. You can choose output in Western wheels or North or South Indian formats, adding customization in so many different ways. Your curious Pisces friends will be thrilled when you printout their Pisces astrology data; friends of other signs will be thrilled with their charts as well.

parasharaThe professional astrologer will love the Vedic calculations and advanced functions. Clients who want Scorpio horoscopes or signs of the zodiac from Aquarius to Virgo will love the printouts, whether you select the Vedic output or the Western formats. Both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiac are supported. If you have clients who speak other languages, you’ll find Dutch, Spanish, Hindi and German versions available as well as English.

Casting 2007 horoscopes as well as future years using Vedic astrology techniques has never been easier. With the power of calculations that are lightning fast, you’ll enjoy using this application that is so easy to use, even someone who has no computer experience can quickly begin casting Vedic horoscopes and printing custom charts.

Your clients will enjoy the perspecitive they gain when you provide Vedic Horoscopes with Parashara’s Light Astrology Software

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