WinStar Express Astrology Software – Beginning Astrologers Find It Easy to Use

Do you want an easy application for studying Libra astrology? Libra, Scorpio horoscopes, and any of the other ten signs are simple when you choose Win*Star Express from Matrix Software. If you are brand new to astrology software, you’ll find Win*Star perfect because creating and reading the charts is designed for novices as well as experts. In fact, you’ll find this is the only charting program that is designed exclusively for the beginning astrologer. You can navigate to most features with only one mouse click. For example, on the natal chart or the forecast bar chart, just click and you’ll get instant interpretations.

Do you want to learn about yourself or zodiac compatibility with a potential partner? It won’t take hours of study to begin creating meaningful charts. You can use the Day Scan function to obtain a list, including interpretations, of events that influence your live and you can choose the time scale to use, from hour-to-hour, weeks, months or years. You can even choose instant charts for both solar and lunar charting.

Instead of poring through a complex application manual, this astrology software provides quick answers using the Astro*Tutor capability. Terminology is explains in easy to comprehend definitions. If you want to incorporate more power into your program, you can select the options Win*Writer Express program to create natal, zodiac compatibility and forecast reports.

Win*Star Express can provide you with lots of 2007 horoscope information at a price you can afford and grow with you in the coming years forecasting astrology reports for friends and clients. With this software by Matrix, why choose any other application for learning how to use your computer for casting horoscopes, plus they offer free tech support for as long as you own your software.

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