Your Free Past Life Reading for Aries

  1. Your Astrology sun sign can help you discover past lives effects and how they may present opportunity and challenges in this life. You don’t need to take a past life quiz or test to learn some basic information about yourself. Jeri Noble has provided a free past life reading for each of the signs.

    Free Past Life Reading for Aries

    Then: Aries, your past lives probably involved a lot of waiting for and watching others. You have learned the danger for yourself of excessive daydreaming. Needless to say, life didn’t happen at your pace, but at theirs. This could have come about from some kind of confinement or disability.

    Now: To be able to get things done your way, with your timing, is a great gift this lifetime. Some Aries complain about this, “If I want to get anything done, I have to do it myself,” they whine. That’s right. That is the gift of this lifetime. To be able to do it yourself.

    Future: All of this past waiting however, could have built up some inertia. That is, motion can happen on your part through instinct (the easy way out), or through conscious choice. You have excellent instincts. That is not a problem. To develop the conscious thought to go with them is a goal.

    Summary of Your Past Life Test: Learn and discover from your pastlife influences. Your test is to not be afraid to take action when you feel a nudge from within. Your intuition is good and your impulses may take you to just the right place at the right time.

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