Medical Careers Institute – Newport News, Virginia

If you are thinking of attending one of the physical therapy assistant schools in Virginia, you’ll want to know about Medical Careers Institute in Newport News. This Virginia medical training school’s program will allow you to obtain an Associate in Applied Science degree at one of the finest physical therapy schools in Virginia. By combining classroom knowledge with laboratory and hands-on internships, you’ll develop the knowledge, skills, and professional techniques to provide clients with safe, effective, ethical and legal therapeutic services as a part of their integrated healthcare team.

What does a physical therapy assistant do? You’ll learn to give treatments using heat, sound and light, massage and exercise to assist in the healing of muscle tissue, nerves, joints and bones. You’ll fit clients with corrective equipment and teach them how to use it properly. You’ll teach your patients how to learn or improve activities such as walking, climbing and other mobility activities. You’ll track, monitor, record and report on patient progress by taking measurements and making assessments.

If you would like to learn more about this great, in-demand career option, it’s very easy to obtain more information; simply contact Medical Careers Institute in Newport News, Virginia to learn about their courses, hours, and fees.

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