Find a Holistic Healing School: Shiatsu, Chinese Massage, or Chinese and Oriental Medicine School

Find a Holistic Healing Schools in your area offering training in natural health modalities. If you are interested in the healing arts you can locate a school in your area. Find Thai Massage classes and training, or learn basic Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. You might be interested in an Oriental Medicine School that also offers training in China as part of their coursework. Alternative healing is a growing industry as more people are interested in incorporating natural health therapies as part of their wellness plans.

Also learn about Herbal and Botanical Training Schools and what Spa Therapy Products are the best. Find the best massage oils andlearn their beneficial properties, along with benefits of healing clays and popular body butters.


Feel free to ask for information from as many schools as you find in your area. It’s easy to do so, first learn about the school by reading about the school, then click the link following the article. Next fill out the convenient form and you will receive information from each of the schools.

If you don’t find a school in your area, then use the handy “Zip Code Locater” at the end of the page.

Acupunture & Oriental Medicine Schools



Advanced Bodyworker Degree’s in Medical Massage



Shiatsu Courses


Holistic Health Programs and Natural Healing Aids

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