Concorde Career College – San Bernardino, California

Are you confused as you search for the right choice for you among the California massage therapy schools? You’ll be happy to know that the San Bernardino massage therapy courses at Concorde Career College will prepare you for a career in one of the most in-demand professions today.

When you attend massage training classes in San Bernardino at Concorde Career College you have the option of taking the day or evening massage program. The day program is thirty six weeks long, and the evening program is a little longer, forty-two weeks long.

During course studies you learn learn techniques and skills in Swedish Massage as well as Acupressure, Reflexology, and Chair Massage. Studies also include Polarity, Chakra Balancing, Event Sports Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. Geriatrics Massage and Pre and Peri-Natal Massage are also part of course studies giving students an opportunity to help clients of all ages and needs.

Another benefit of the massage training in San Bernardino is the opportunity to advance your skills during the ninety-two hour internship where you will develop hands-on learning in the schools lab setting. Concorde’s massage training program is fully designed to assist students in developing confidence and getting a head start in their career building skills.

You’ll earn a lucrative living that is personally and spiritually satisfying as you apply the knowledge you gained during your professional training. Your clients will enjoy improved circulation, greater immune response, lowered blood pressure, greater flexibility and mobility and reduced pain levels. These are just a few of the many benefits of the therapies you’ll be trained to provide. Whether you open your own practice or work in one of the many exciting workplaces requiring trained professionals, you’ll know that each day you truly make a difference in the lives of your clients.

techniqueYou will find it easy to obtain all the information you need about California massage therapy classes and training including class schedules by requesting that information through the school’s online form. It’s easy, just following the following link and take a couple minutes to fill out the form.

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