Seven Week Intensive California Massage Training – Calistoga Massage Therapy School

If you are eager to begin a new career in the healing arts Calistoga Massage Therapy School in Santa Rosa offers a very comprehensive and intensive seven week long course that is designed to ensure each student graduates with the skills in Swedish-Calistoga massage. Most massage spas utilize this type of training which stresses the sensitivity of the body along with the release of energy blocks which the client may be experiencing.

With a strong focus on centering the practitioner, helping them achieve heightened awareness, each student connects with their healing potential to help their clients.

Another wonderful feature of this fine Santa Rosa massage school is the tuition is affordable for those seeking a new career in the healing arts. The instructors Dr. Steven L. Ticen, BA. MA. DC. and Sandra Hamilton, BA. MA. Psy. understand the needs of the students and are eager to help the students achieve their goals and dreams. This fine North Bay CA massage therapy school was founded in 1981. Class sizes are limited to fourteen students and the average class is ten which ensures each students gets the kind of support and attention they need.

The Calistoga Massage Therapy School offers an overview on several different massage techniques while emphasizing Swedish-Calistoga massage. Our 7 week long course is an intense comprehensive course that insures that each graduate will be skilled in the massage technique (Swedish-Calistoga) that most massage spas utilize. The course also stresses body sensitivity and intuitive awareness of the client’s energy blocks. Techniques of centering the practitioner’s energy flow and a spiritual awareness of each therapist’s healing potential and how to use these gifts is given.

The school is easy to find and is located at 2801 Yupula Ave. #B which is at the southwest corner of Bethards and Yupula streets in Santa Rosa. The zipcode is 95405, and the school is easily found from the 101 Freeway or from Highway 12.

If you would like to learn more about this affordable and intensive North Bay massage therapy school in Santa Rosa then when contacting the school a Calistoga massage school representative will quickly respond to answer all your important questions.

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