The new CBD product line from Terravida

TerraVida has a whole range of CBD products, helping to cover every individual need. Whether to be used for ailment management, supplement or beauty treatment all our products are elegantly and conveniently packed in traveler friendly bottles. The products allow for easy inclusion into your daily routine and all contain the highest quality of certified CBD Hemp- oil available.

It is important to note that all the products below are made from CBD oil which has been extracted from the mature stems, stalks and flowers of industrial hemp plants. The plants are pesticide- free and contain no GMOs and all contain less than 0.3%THC – some even contain zero THC.


TerraVidaOnline’s purest quality CBD hemp products:


The first range of products includes extracts, capsules and soft gels. These products are mostly used to relieve pain, soothe anxiety and as beauty supplements. These tinctures are created by mixing the CBD oil with other carrier oils e.g. coconut oil and are all alcohol free with the ratio of CBD oil differing according to their strength.

CBD Drops 250 mg, CBD Drops 500mg, CBD Drops 1000mg, CBD Drops 2500mg and CBD Drops 5000mg, all the well known and popular tinctures in varying strengths. These are TerraVidaOnline’s best known supplements and can be used to treat a huge array of ailments. The required amount can be dispensed under the tongue, with the pipette provided on the dropper, for faster ingestion or it can be mixed into foods or drinks.  When taken on an empty stomach the benefits are quicker and dosages vary depending on individual needs or preferences. It is always best to consult you pharmacist or a medical professional if unsure.

The CBD Softgels 30MG are full spectrum capsules, while the CBD Extract Veggie Capsules 25MG are made with 99% pure CBD for optimal results. These are both easy to swallow and most effective when taken daily at the same time.


All the skincare products contain pure CBD. Acne and psoriasis sufferers have found that the anti –inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities of CBD have made some of these creams very effective in relieving their symptoms and have reported a great improvement in the condition of their skin.

CBD Day Skin Reviver Cream consists of a light weight formula which allows for faster absorption while providing all the moisture needed, leaving the skin radiant.

CBD Age Fighting Cream with Apple Stem Cells and pure CBD has been scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing the longevity and regenerative properties of skin cells.

CBD Nightly Revitalizing Cream has a non oily feel and renews the skin throughout the night while it also accelerates cell regeneration for a smooth and silky skin.

CBD Face Toner can be used any time throughout the day on the face and neck to remove impurities from pores while it also restores hydration.

CBD Face Cleanser is a lightweight lotion with natural extracts and CBD which thoroughly cleanses the skin while also restoring hydration.

CBD Day and Night Face Moisture is an anti aging cream which suits all skin types. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and contains powerful anti-oxidants that repair damage to the skin and prevent free-radical damage.

CBD Tattoo Cream is also infused with Apple stem cells and offers a boost of moisture to freshly tattooed skin; it rejuvenates re-growth of skin cells and reduces sensitivity; while it also restores the condition of older tattoos making them appear bolder and brighter.

CBD Décolletage & Neck Cream is an anti aging treatment to help firm the area of fragile skin between the chin and chest while restoring its elasticity. The décolletage starts looking firmer with a youthful glow.

CBD Eye Cream is an intense, anti inflammatory treatment that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness while it also eliminates wrinkles; reducing the tired look so common on the delicate skin of the eyes.

Body Moisture Blast Butter is infused with CBD oil giving it a rich and creamy formula and packs a punch of hydration that leaves the skin soft and smooth. It protects the skin through all weather conditions and air conditioned environments.

CBD Radiance Cream with Collagen and Retinol provides the benefits of a three -in -one anti aging treatment. This treatment boosts the elasticity of the skin and reduces the signs of aging making the appearance of the skin youthful.

Wellness& Health Support:

These products offer support and peace of mind.

CBD Goodnight Sleep Oral Spray promotes a deep and restful sleep and includes Melatonin, Valerian Root and other healthy nutrients which are absorbed almost instantly with this oral spray.

CBD Slim Down Oral Spray helps control the appetite while also increasing the metabolism. This assists in the loss of fatty tissue while maintaining muscle. The oral spray allows for faster absorption.

CBD Relief Roll- On Gel offers is easy to apply and quickly absorbed while offering fast relief of minor aches and pains.

CBD Before& After Radiation Cream can be used before and after radiation therapy to protect, soothe and restore the skin. It reduces burns, scarring and itchiness.


The Vape Pen allows for the instant enjoyment of this pure, powerful and tasty CBD anytime and anywhere.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen 200mg contains high quality CBD, triple distilled MCT (fractionated coconut oil) and natural Vanilla Lavender flavor and is an easy and effective way to consume CBD. The Vape Pen does NOT contain THC, VG or PG.

Animals &Pets:

Your pets will love the taste of these products and they contain no artificial flavors, sugar, meat or any of their by-product. These three products are all designed to promote your fury friend’s well-being, while also relieving him of anxiety or pain.

CBD Pet Oral Drops: Animal Dietary Supplement /250mgCBD

CBD Pet Stress- Free Oral Spray: Anti Stress and Calming

CBD Chew Treats for Pets: Dietary supplement / 5 mg CBD per Serving

In conclusion:

All the above CBD products are made from the best organic hemp grown in Colorado, USA which is certified as non GMO. Consumers should be extremely cautious when buying CBD products and should check for the country of origin and legitimate certification from known laboratories.

Cheaper CBD oils and products are usually from uncontrolled sources mostly within Asia. These products could be contaminated by chemicals intentionally to increase crop yield or even without intent but through soils that have high levels of pesticides, heavy metals, molds and bacteria. The explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear facility a few decades ago has contaminated vast tract of land in Asia, where hemp has been grown in Phytoremediation Projects. Japan is now considering the same course of action after the Fukushima meltdown but still has strict regulations in place.  The plant is highly absorbent and the resulting products could contain toxins and even radioactive isotopes.

Quality matters with CBD, particularly if you consume the product for health reasons. TerraVida ensures that every product is made from the purest, organically grown hemp that comes from within the US.


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