Flower and Vibrational Essences: History and Introduction to Vibrational and Flower Essences and Their Use

By Robina Hearle

Everything has a vibrational frequency – the rate and speed at which energy vibrates within it – and every vibrational frequency is unique to its origin. Flowers, crystals, animals, birds, people, planets, stars, angels, lights, and locations all have their own special vibrational frequency. As Masariu Emoto states within “Messages from Water,” water is capable of retaining a memory. This allows vibrational essences to be born when the frequency of an object becomes imprinted on the water surrounding it.

For example, if you are making an essence of a daisy, no two essences of a daisy will ever be the same; each will be unique. Why? Along with the vibrational frequency of the daisy, you will also have the vibrational frequency of the area where it was grown, the person who is making it, the time of day and year, and the sun or moon, depending on which it was potentized by. When making flower essences, care is usually taken not to handle the flower. The essence, once it is made, is then often preserved in some form of alcohol, usually brandy. All of these factors make a difference in the outcome of the essence. Thus, no two essences are ever the same.

Mental, emotional, and physical diseases also have a unique vibrational frequency. Fear differs from depression and anger differs from joy. Because of this, there is a vibrational essence that matches the vibrational frequency of every nuance of the human condition. By taking an essence, the problem is brought to the forefront so that it can be acknowledged and let go. This process can take a mere five seconds or as long as five weeks.

The History of Flower Essences

Flower essences have been a form of healing for a very long time. The channelling of Gerudas, a Lemurian guide, gives incredible insight and detailed knowledge about the various uses of flower essences in Lemuria (refer to “Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing” by Gerudas and “Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Volumes 1 and 2” by Cassandra Press). There is other evidence that suggests the use of flower essences in ancient Egypt. The Aborigines knew, as did the Lemurians, of the benefits of sitting beside a particular flower in order to receive its healing frequency.

The modern day expert that is acknowledged as the “father” of flower essences is Dr. Edward Bach. Edward Bach was a renowned physician who gave up his medical practice to develop flower essences. Dr. Bach began such a journey when he observed that morning dew contains potentised healing virtues of the whole plant. He determined what each essence was for merely by looking at the plant and instinctively knowing which emotional state the flower would heal. He also tried them on himself.

Today we understand that the collaboration of the etheric and spiritual world is required to make essences. The Nature Spirit of the plant and the Devas of healing also impart the information and knowledge of what an essence is all about by channelling such wisdom. For my essence “Water of Enlightenment,” the information was channelled through a medium from “Star of Joseph.” At other times when I’m making flower essences, the thoughts are simply put into my head. Thus, the Nature Spirits of the flower and the elementals of the water and sunlight all work together to produce the essence.

What Flower and Vibrational Essences Can Do for You

By taking an essence when you are in emotional turmoil, it is possible to help clear such problems from your aura and body. Another way of thinking about it is that your electrical circuitry is damaged by negative emotional energy. The essences help mend the circuitry by helping you to acknowledge the problem, embrace it, and then let it go. Hence, negative emotional energy is expelled from your physical body and auric space. There is a very talented clairvoyant named Peter Tadd who is able to see where an essence goes in the aura and which chakras it has an effect upon when it is taken. He is therefore able to verify the action of each essence.

Essences often work by bringing about or heightening our understanding of what might be wrong with us. You, yourself, however have to be aware, watch for small signs, and note how you feel. You often only know what you are by knowing what you are not!

Essences can be given for all aspects of emotional problems. They can also be given to aid or heighten our mental capabilities such as concentration or the ability to absorb complex ideas. Our spiritual side can also be helped with essences by improving our awareness, helping us to love ourselves more, and increasing the amount of compassion that we feel and express. Psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairsentience are yet another area that can be enhanced with essences.

Essences in the form of sprays can be used to cleanse spaces such as rooms or healing environments. Pets and farm animals also benefit from being given essences. Children too respond rapidly to essences. My own son, who has panic attacks, responds to the “Water of Enlightenment” essence.

Many flower essence therapists are producing combinations of essences for specific problems. For example, I have combinations specifically for grief, abuse, or homesickness; all of which are deeply traumatic experiences where there are several emotional and/or mental factors involved.

The Different Types of Essences

This is a huge subject! There are currently essences being made all over the world and from all aspects of creation. I will mention a few here, but there are far too many to list all of the ones currently on the market.

1. Wild Earth Animal Essences

Daniel Mapey produces these essences by invoking the Nature Spirit or Deva of a particular animal in a ceremony to infuse its characteristics into the water. This has resulted in the creation of an incredible range of essences from such diverse creatures as Butterfly to Dolphin and Beaver to Elephant. They are well worth looking into. Other than meditation, these essences are the closest we can come to the experience depicting Merlin, in his instruction of Arthur, teaching about the wisdom of animals and birds.

2. Indigo Essences

These essences are combinations for children and are mainly created from crystals. They are particularly appropriate for use during this day and age. Many Indigo Children have been born in the last fifty years and now the Crystal Children are being born. As they often need support and understanding, these essences are very helpful for such things.

A very informative book that encompasses many of the U.K. essences is “New Vibrational Flower Essences of Britain and Ireland.” This book is current up to 1997, so there are even more essences and essence makers now, including myself! The related website of www.bfvea.com/producers/ is a great online source of essence producers from Britain and Ireland.

The conventional way to take essences is by putting drops on your tongue or in your juice or water, which many people prefer. Nowadays though, essences are also being made into sprays, face creams, and body lotions. You can put essences into your bath, under your pillow, or rub them into your skin.

The Safety of Using Essences

Flower essences are safe, non-toxic, and do not contradict conventional prescribed medicines. As stated before, they are also safe for animals and children. Their versatility and wide range of applications make them one of the future’s self-help remedies.

How to Begin Using Essences

As a layperson who doesn’t know much, if anything, about essences, you might be wondering just where and how you would start incorporating them into your life. I would suggest reading as many profiles or explanations about the nature of each specific essence as you can. The ones that catch your eye or that seem to “jump-out” at you are the ones to buy and try. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, sometimes referred to as Emergency Essence, is a good crisis-related essence to start with. Beginning to use essences is an interesting journey of self-discovery and awareness. Why not give them a try? Good luck!

Robina Hearle is a Flower Essence Therapist and Maker, also a Reiki Master. The essences produced are for the Earth Changes we are experiencing, emotional and mental wellbeing and the one’s spiritual path. Combinations are available for hard-hitting traumas.

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