Food for Thought: Give Thanks to the Life Forces on Your Plate

By Robina Hearle

Have you ever said thank you to the life forces that provided you with the food for your sustenance? Perhaps you think that this idea is preposterous, but consider this for a moment. Shouldn’t we take the time to say thank you to the cow that supplied us with its meat and milk? Shouldn’t we also offer up our praises to the fruits, vegetables, and grains for their sacrifice of life so that we can incorporate them into our own life force? Let’s not forget the air, water, fire, and earth for their contributions to our life. Saying thank you in this manner simply makes us more aware of our connection to the earth.

We’re all taught as children to say thank you. Why is that? Think about how it feels when someone says thank you for something you’ve done. That person is honoring you and honoring what you’ve done, thus paving the way for more abundance. How can that be you ask? When someone thanks you, doesn’t it make you feel good and more open to doing something else for that person?

Once you actually live the “attitude of gratitude,” it’s amazing what comes your way. But what exactly is it that you’ve done by saying thank you to the life forces on your plate? In essence, you’ve raised the vibrational frequency of the task-at-hand; your intake of the steak, fruits, vegetables, and grains, as well as the glass of water, has become a spiritual act. You are literally working on a higher level of connection to all that is.

Furthermore, by saying thank you to the cow for its meat and milk, we can connect with its energy. That’s a scary thought for many people who wonder why you would even want to connect with a cow. Well my friends, it’s a fact-of-life that we’re connected to everything. We’re not separate from other forms of consciousness on the planet or from the consciousness of the planet itself.

Many of us in the West have lost our way and become focused on technology and consumed with our self. Some have even become greedy and corrupt. The Aborigines and the Native American Indians, as well as other indigenous tribes, have a close connection to the earth. They’ve nurtured and cared for it as much as they can. They say thank you to the animal they’ve killed, thereby honoring it. They also don’t take more than they need. They know that a result of their gratitude is the creation of further abundance.

Look at the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket. Don’t they look wonderful? Have you ever wondered why it is that the World Health Organization keeps increasing our daily-recommended intake of fruits and vegetables? Perhaps it’s because those beautiful fruits and vegetables have hardly any vitamins, minerals, or life-force energy due to the manner in which they’ve been grown. This means that we have to eat more of them to get what we require in order to survive.

We’ve lost our connection to and understanding of the earth, so much so that our farming methods have plundered the soil. If we’d feed the soil, nurture it, and allow it to rest, we’d create good crops with high vitamin and mineral content as well as a heightened level of life-force energy.

Even better, connect with the earth yourself. Grow some of your own fruits and vegetables. If you’re limited on space, try growing them in containers. Come back to being someone who’s part of planet earth, part of the tapestry of life, and someone who’s integral to the planet instead of someone who’s separated from it.

There’s actually nothing lacking on this planet. In many cases, the management and distribution systems have simply gone awry along with our own lack of connection. There’s abundance for all! We can create it in our lives by living an “attitude of gratitude” and by realizing that we aren’t separate from anyone or anything. Begin the healing process by saying thank you to the life forces on your plate.

Robina Hearle is a Flower Essence Therapist and Maker, also a Reiki Master. The essences produced are for the Earth Changes we are experiencing, emotional and mental wellbeing and the one’s spiritual path. Combinations are available for hard-hitting traumas.

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