Review of Wake Up: A Film About Getting More Out of Life

Wake Up (Open Eye Productions), a unique film by Chloe Crespi and Jonas Elrod, takes viewers on a multi-dimensional journey.

Ever feel like there’s more than meets the eye to this thing we call “life?” Ever wonder if punching in and punching out, eating, watching television, and wandering aimlessly through the world we know is not all there is to life?  If you’ve ever felt, known, or even completely disbelieved that there is more to life than meets the eye, this extraordinary spiritual documentary, Wake Up, is a must-see for you.

Filled with real life, real people, and the real experiences of a normal thirty-something man whose life becomes transformed into an existence he struggles to accept, Wake Up is brilliantly simple, straightforward, and seeping with emotions—real emotions from real life people dealing with what they conceive as “reality.”

Join Jonas and his soul mate Mara as they experience a transformational journey through life. This film is no sit-back-and-yawn movie. Wake Up is a film you can’t help but be taken in by its raw honesty and sincere quest for the truth.

Span the Globe in the Search for Truth

Profile Pic of Jonas ElrodJonas, a native of Georgia now living in vibrant New York City, along with his easy-to-relate-to girlfriend Mara struggles with recent changes in his life—or more accurately his perception of life. This film chronicles this man’s real-world experience with one day waking up to a new reality which most of us are closed to on a daily basis. Spurred by the tragic death of a beloved friend, Rob, Jonas is invited into a world of extraordinary.

Many films that are spiritual can’t stop raving about the gifts of being enlightened and how amazing this type of life is, making us “common” folk yearn for that type of fulfilled life. Wake Up is different in its approach, yet the end result is a deep desire to tap into all that is around us—indeed all that we have all but closed ourselves off from in today’s world.

What so intrigued me about Wake Up is that it is clearly a real life look at a real person’s struggle to come to terms with their new reality; a reality that can be beautiful and inspiring, but also alienating and confusing. It’s so real and open you can’t help but believe—or at least wonder a bit more about what we all call reality.

Real, Honest, and Raw

Wake Up Movie StilJonas and Mara are open, honest, and real. They are dealing with what any of us could be encountering at any time in our lives: an increased awareness of what reality truly is.

Is all that we see, hear, feel, touch, and taste all that there really is? Or is there indeed something more to our lives, our existence? Are we blinded by our day-to-day grind, drudging through life half asleep, afraid to really look at what exists right next to us?

Join Jonas as he journeys from New York City back to his hometown in Georgia and around the world to find out more about what he now calls his reality. His travels include stops in Rome, Seattle, Santa Fe and more places across the country visiting with mystics, mediums, Buddhists, and more for insight into his recent transformation.

And just what is this transformation into a new reality? Jonas has awakened to what the majority of us don’t see: spirits, angels, demons, energy fields, and more. This is what our five trusted senses don’t know about, but somewhere deep in our souls exists beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Are You a Believer?

Cover of Movie Wake UpWake Up makes you nervous, edgy, curious, and a believer in what you may wonder about silently but are too afraid to bring up in dinner conversations: what more is there to life? Is what we see what we get?

This film takes a real life look at what it means to be chosen to see the realities others simply cannot. The trials and tribulations it brings to a formerly “normal” life and the courage of both Jonas and Mara to band together to discover the world that is truly there.

I love this film and what it seeks to awaken in all of us. Jonas is brave and honorable to come forth with such truth and honesty in sharing with each of us what he sees on a daily basis. I’m inspired to connect with my fellow human beings and the planet on a deeper level than what I’ve ever done before. Hats off to Jonas and Mara for opening their lives to scrutiny. And to filmmaker Chloe Crespi, for having the guts to create this powerful, life-changing spiritual documentary: well done! Get a copy today!

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To read other reviews, visit Amazon > Wake Up!

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