Bach Rescue Remedy – Rebalance Your Emotions During Stressful Times

Of all the Bach Flower Essences, Bach Rescue Remedy is one of most popular flower essences on the market. It is used during times of emotional stress or during any type of crisis. Countless people turn to this very special flower essence during emotional upheaval and times when fearful thinking takes hold. Celebrities use the powerful blends to combat everything from stage fright to anxiety. Models use Rescue Remedy to help calm their minds when they are preparing to walk down the catwalk or for camera shoots. You don’t need to be a celebrity or a model to deal with stressful situation. Everyone who deals with life’s ups and downs will appreciate this unique essence.

You can rest assured, when you have a bottle of this remedy essence tucked away in your hand bag, that no matter what your day has in store, this is one of the Bach Essences that will come to the rescue and help you rebalance your emotions. You will be more apt to go through daily situations without feeling overwhelmed or confused. This single Bach Remedy is so popular because it is appropriate in so many everyday situations and it can be taken by anyone.

A Unique Combination of Five Bach Flower Remedies

  1. Rock Rose – for terror – for impatience
  2. Clematis – for dreaminess and lack of interest in the present
  3. Star of Bethlehem – for the after-effects of shock
  4. Cherry Plum – for fear of the mind giving way
  5. Impatiens – for dealing with impatience

Here are a few examples of why you might take this remedy:

  • You’re have a test or exam to take you had a conflicting situation or argument with a loved one.
  • You’re speaking at a public event.
  • You’re getting married, and it’s your wedding-day.
  • You’re heading to the dentist for that long over due appointment.
  • You’re dealing with stress over working to meet a tight deadline.
  • You’re are dealing with the loss of a loved one and coping with bereavement.
  • You’re going for a job interview.
  • You’re fearing a confrontation.
  • You’re dealing with a phobia like fear of flying.
  • You have just received some alarming, or difficult news.
  • You’re rushed, late, or stuck in a traffic jam.
  • You’re having a hard time coping with the kids

Since this formula is a natural stress reliever many people keep this product on hand at all times. Keeping a bottle at home and one in your travel kits ensures you always have it handy in case of emergency or when a situation arises where you need it. It will help both people and animals recover from injury, fright, illness, travel fatigue, chocolate ingestion and irritation.

For animals, you can put a few drops in you pet or dog’s water bowl or portable water container. For stressed or injured animals, rub a drop on their ear or put a drop on the towel in their crate or carrier. It is important to know that Flower Essences are free of harmful effects and can be used along with conventional medicines.

You can also imply add four drops to water, or your favorite juice, or tea. Some people prefer to place drops directly under or on their tongue. Every bottle comes with it’s own dropper to perfectly measure four drops. You can even use Rescue Remedy on the pulse points, or moistened lips.

Bach Rescue Cream is Another Great Choice

This wonderful Cream is a general skin salve to soothe and restore your skin while helping with a wide range of skin conditions. Some of the conditions Bach Rescue Cream helps with are rough, flaking or chapped skin. Bach Rescue Cream contains the same combination of Bach Flower Remedies as Rescue Remedy, plus Crab Apple – the cleansing Remedy. Just because this cream is also helpful for the skin, it still has the same balancing effects and the regular Bach Rescue Remedy.

Here is our preferred resource for all types of herbal remedies, including Bach Rescue Remedy.

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