Western Career College – Pleasant Hill, California

Sorting out Bay area massage therapy courses can be confusing. You’ll find one of California’s finest massage therapy schools in Pleasant Hill at Western Career College. You can take a tour of the campus and see for yourself at 380 Civic Drive, Suite 300, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

In these Pleasant Hill massage therapy classes you’ll earn an Associate of Science degree which will provide you a balanced education including massage techniques, and general education, which will prepare you for the business world and hands-on clinical experience.

Graduates from Western Career College are fully prepared to open and operate their own massage therapy clinic or to work in one of the many exciting workplaces which need trained professional therapists. You’ll learn techniques which include sports, Swedish and Shiatsu massage, trigger point therapy, myofacial release, hydrotherapy and more.

Today more than ever, people are turning to natural health care options to improve health, relieve pain and speed healing. You can easily obtain more information about Western’s bay area massage program and how you can enter this exciting career field by entering your informa tion. A school rep will readily respond providing all the details.

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