Consciousness Expansion Awareness on Prosperity

Prosperity Consciousness is a state of mind employed by metaphysicians, to consciously attract a higher level of abundance in their lives. It operates by means of some simple principles of physics.

It’s been established by nuclear scientists, specifically, elementary particle physicists, that the energy of our universe is subject to our mental expectations of it. It was discovered that in blind tests, that an elementary sub-atomic particle would behave as either a “wave” or as a “particle”, depending upon who was doing the test! It was scientific proof that our human minds affect the most basic level of the material universe. The mental expectations of the scientist who performed the test quite clearly determined the actual state of being of the most basic building block of our physical world.

Obviously, this was a hard pill to swallow for the scientific community. The premise was tested..and retested..and tested again. Yet by George, it still worked! Blind tests were performed. This meant that we put Harry in the driver’s seat to run the particle accelerator and we won’t tell him what’s going on. We’ll just see what registers on the ‘scope. Well, evidently Harry had his preferences as to whether this particle would behave as a wave or particle that day. Sure enough, it behaved according to his preference. Hmmm…Well, let’s do a double-blind test. We’ll go get Bill to go get Sam to run the test. We won’t tell either one of them what’s going on in case there’s some sort of ESP happening. Oops. Same results.

This was a significant realization, which bore out in scientific terms what has been understood in many religious, philosophical, and mystical traditions for centuries. This was that our state of mind, influenced by our faith in “things unseen” could affect outcomes in the world around us. Thus, the power of prayer.

Prayer is the most classic and instinctive use of this metaphysical influence. Every civilization in history has acknowledged the need for it, simply to keep their lives running. Its instinctive use is evident under conditions of extreme stress, fear or pain. One doesn’t think about praying when a situation is desperate, one just does it. We automatically employ a superconscious state of mind in order to connect with a Higher Power when we pray. Depending upon how completely we believe that this Power can and will assist us, determines how well the prayer will be answered for us. This is faith. The stronger and clearer the faith, the more immediate and dramatic it’s answer.

This isn’t the forum to debate the relative merits of various perceptions of God, Goddess, Spirit, Allah, etc. In metaphysics, what you call your Higher Power is irrelevant. Metaphysically, you could even conceivably consider It an inanimate force (May the Force be with you) which keeps the Universe from collapsing into chaos. What you expect of It, what you believe It is capable of, and how you believe It feels about you, is relevant indeed. These elements describe your mental attitude about the Source of your being and thus, the source of your supply.

Prosperity Consciousness is a term which describes our mental attitudes about prosperity. Someone who practices prosperity consciousness makes an active decision to believe and expect that prosperity is his or hers, right now. They practice creative visualization, repeat affirmations to themselves, and pray, for the specific purpose of changing their minds to accept prosperity coming from a non-material source. Before we all get confused, let me clarify. The non-material source is our mind and what we are able to contact with our mind. This causes manifestation to occur through ordinary, “coincidental” causes. Unexpected income, extraordinary job offers, gifts, etc., are all very common “coincidental” manifestations of prosperity consciousness.

I know just enough about statistical analysis to be dangerous, but it’s very obvious that the odds are way against these types of “coincidences” (God, I love that word) happening with the frequency and regularity that they do when someone is practicing prosperity consciousness.

There are several terms in popular use, which describe these results. Manifestation is a fun one. What you have visualized or prayed for “manifests” in the physical universe. Demonstration is also widely used to describe your outcome. Treatment is a term used to describe the activities of prosperity consciousness. So, we may treat for a specific manifestation or demonstration.

Prosperity means different things to different people. For one person, it could mean a bank account over a particular amount. For another it could mean owning property. Still another might see it as the opportunity to travel extensively. Someone else may see prosperity as being able to stay home with the kids. It’s important that you understand what your definition of prosperity is, since you’re bringing it to yourself with your mind.

The simplest method to get clarification on this is to play the “What would I do with a million dollars” game. Explore your answers; be in depth about it. It’s critically important that you do this, because in doing your prosperity treatment, the million dollars isn’t important, but what you want to do with it, is. This is far more relevant, since your treatment is effective based on your real needs and desires, and who among us needs a million small pieces of paper? Personally, I’m buried in paperwork as it is.

Yes, it’s quite possible that you will manifest actual income in order to achieve your desire. It doesn’t need to be the point of your efforts, however and can often work against you. In my opinion this is due to our cultural obsession with money. An obsessive mind-set can pretty well cancel out your effectiveness with prosperity, since it contains a built-in attitude that there is never enough, i.e., “you can’t have too much, I must have it before it runs out,” etc. Obsession contains the seeds of “scarcity consciousness”. Few of us wish to treat for having an inadequate supply.

When we can focus clearly on our actual needs and wants, prosperity work becomes much simpler. If we want that new car, we can visualize driving it, smell that new-car smell and feel the vibration of the road. We can know that the Higher Power wants this for us, and has determined that we shall have it. We can “embody” (another new term) the reality of ownership of this particular make of car, knowing it and feeling it as our own. This could include walking out to the driveway each morning expecting to see it parked there. We could make plans for the future selling or disposing of our previous vehicle, being ready for the new car’s appearance. Embodiment of a metaphysical process means that we fully create the goal into our inner life. We, in essence, give it life.

There are many techniques for prosperity consciousness and some will work better for you than others. With practice, you’ll work out the mental “tricks” which are most effective in your life to expand your consciousness to aid in manifesting abundance and prosperous channels.

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