Spiritual Healing: Healing Images assist in Wellness

The practice of visualization techniques can assist considerably in the healing process. This is a metaphysical process, which draws the desired change into our lives by magnetizing our thoughts. Visualization healing techniques are practiced in some cancer treatments and with AIDs patients. This practice can speed the recovery process and improve the current quality of life.

Here are a few visualizations that can be practiced to aid in the healing process. These can be helpful for any form of healing; spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. These visualizations can be practiced on anything from a bruise to a broken heart.


Visualize the area of your body or of your life that is in the process of healing. See literal, physical light entering that area in a comfortable fashion. It can radiate outward from the center or just gradually permeate the whole area. The important thing is that this is light and it is shining on and in every aspect of the afflicted area.

As you practice this visualization, explore the various concepts concerning “light”. This can be a light of brightness, of right, good, harmony, truth and honesty. The more you can “flesh out” your image of light, the more powerful this image becomes.


Imagine a gentle stream of water somehow moving through or covering the area that is being healed. This water has remarkable healing powers as well as carrying away anything that needs to go. Experience this image as cooling, soothing or calming.

Explore this image as well, seeing it as anti-bacterial, purifying, purging, or even forgiving. Allow the process of making the image more tangible through this experience and knowing that it will be more powerful for that.


Healing just isn’t going to happen without love. See yourself being loved. Take note of everywhere in life that you’re being loved, and from every source. See yourself being loved double the amount that you currently feel that you are.

One can say that from a metaphysical perspective, no illness, dis-ease, injury or hurt could occur if we could experience enough love. This one can be very deceiving. Invariably, there is more love available to us than we can perceive at any given moment.

Healing images are a significant part of making yourself part of your healing process. Any physician will tell you that patient participation in recovery can make a vast difference in the speed of the healing process. The more that you can contribute to the cycle of healing through any venue, mental, nutritional, in exercise, etc., the more rapidly the healing will occur.

Prayer, of course, is the most effective “visualization” exercise that we can do. Healing prayer circles have remarkable power to aid in the healing process, and have made the difference between life and death in many cases. An interesting note here is that I have seen the most dramatic healing events occur when a prayer circle is composed of people of varying faiths. It is as if each individual in the circle then depends more on the quality of their faith than the appeal of their dogma. This personal touch seems very effective.

Holding certain images in mind can be a sort of game. Refining an image, adding details or creating a story line are all therapeutic outlets. You can try this whether you have a particular ailment or not. Practicing a healing image for a week will improve areas of life whether there had been anything “wrong” with them or not.

Practicing positive visualizations on a regular basis is good for our mental attitude and physical well being. Any existing regimen of healing can profit by their addition.

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