Lose Weight Now…Stay Slim Forever

By Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

Don’t let this title fool you. Lose Weight Now…Stay Slim Forever is all about how to lose weight, but it’s not your typical weight loss book. Solomon assures the reader more than once that you can have a very nice life without burning any extra calories or losing a pound. But if weight loss is your goal, then this book will tell you how to achieve that without diets. In fact, she insists the only way to stay slim forever is by not dieting!

Solomon is a therapist and a professional life coach. She’s also a person who has learned through experience how to lose weight and stay slim. The key to success, Solomon says, is to quit fighting ourselves, to use that energy instead to connect with our bodies. The author’s voice models for the reader the gentle, even-tempered attitude she invites us to take toward our eating and our selves. When she cures herself of a two-generation obsession with a candy bar, she models how we can form healthy relationships with “forbidden” foods.

Solomon’s program for weight loss is not easy, just simple. Eat what you’re hungry for, when you’re hungry, and enjoy eating. Even in the middle of an old compulsive ritual, you can become mindful enough to ask, “Is there a way I can be kinder to myself here?” If you stand eating at the cabinet, can you allow yourself to sit down and enjoy it? Can you heat up that leftover pizza so that it actually nourishes you, rather than making you feel bad about yourself?

Solomon suggests that we learn to welcome our hunger and trust our taste buds. Contrary to what you may have heard, they are not what got you into this battle. Rather, it’s being disconnected from your true appetites and your personal tastes that has you eating more than you need. Trying to eat what you want while also eating what you think you’re supposed to want? Just eat what you want and you’ll cut those calories.

Feel that thrill of fear? Afraid to believe you can eat what you want? This illustrates Solomon’s point – that the messages we’ve received about eating harbor powerful emotional energy. By pursuing a gentle, accepting attitude, she contends, we interrupt what Solomon calls the “vicious cycle of dieting.” Though it does take some effort to change how we think and talk to ourselves, it’s still the easiest place to interrupt that cycle. The first half of the book is devoted to simple strategies for doing that, so the reader can begin to begin to lose weight naturally.

The second half of the book is about connecting with ourselves in the rest of our lives. When we no longer carry beliefs and shame that don’t belong to us, we no longer carry pounds that don’t belong to us. Solomon gives the reader permission to “lighten up” in every way. True to this approach, her advice on exercise is delivered in terms of activity that can be done in a spirit of healthy fun, not “working off the fat.”

You’ll need support to live permanently without dieting. There are some great resources listed in the back of this book to help you replace mistaken teachings. The book itself is a source of support, and there is contact information to reach Solomon if you’d like some one-on-one support. When you’re willing to let go of doing what doesn’t work, you’re ready to read Lose Weight Now…Stay Slim Forever.

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