“The Essence of Reiki” by Gerry and Adele Malone

Reiki is one of the most practical, hands-on complementary therapies and demands deep belief in an unseen universal life force; so why write a home study course? For the authors, Garry and Adele Malone, it’s a no-brainer. They believe profoundly that the more people that are in tune with Reiki, the better our world will be. “The Essence of Reiki” is a well-structured three-part work that guides you gently through your education in this ancient art that has proven benefits in all aspects of your life.

The three sections of this work cover your progress towards Reiki 1, Advanced Practitioner and Reiki Master in Usui Reiki, a form of hands-on re-energizing thought to have been practiced for thousands of years and rumored to have been used by Jesus. The process of becoming a Reiki practitioner is not only about learning; an attunement is also necessary to provide greater power and to unlock the Reiki symbols, an important part of advanced practice. Normally a Reiki Master at a workshop would provide this attunement service; however, the Malones have covered this by building in a distant attunement service that fits perfectly with the capabilities of Reiki.

The “Reiki 1 Manual” contains 17 easy-to-read lessons that will provide you with a comprehensive source for your Reiki study. You are eased gently into the world of Reiki through explanations of the universal life force and how Reiki works on the body, mind and spirit. The purpose of Reiki and how the “charkas” play a dominant role in various forms of unease and disease makes fascinating reading and the definition of the “Five Principles of Reiki” is pitched in language that is easy to understand in our modern world.

The manual is packed with useful guidance on preparation for the “first degree” in Reiki. Advice on lifestyle, food, drink and meditation makes it clear what is demanded of a serious practitioner. The Malones’ beginner’s guide to Anatomy and Physiology is not as frightening as it sounds. This essential information is presented in a beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow manner and is complemented by an extensive description of the practical applications of Reiki for self-healing.

Throughout the three-part work, sections on treating yourself and treating others use excellent photographic examples with accompanying descriptions to explain the hand positions and the ailments that each position will help to ease. The safety of Reiki as a therapy is underlined with matter-of-fact guidance on treating pregnant women, babies and children. The true spectrum of Reiki’s usefulness is also well illustrated in a touching section dealing with bringing pain-relief and anxiety reduction to the dying and assisting them in harmonizing with the world they are leaving. Such sound advice extends to the bereaved too; helping them to come to terms with their sadness, anger and loss.

The Reiki 2 Advanced Practitioner Manual encourages you to continue your studies and to build on your understanding, experience and knowledge gained in Reiki 1. Here you are informed about the increased power of an advanced Reiki practitioner and their ability to heal at a distance. The traditional Usui Reiki symbology is described in fascinating detail and the process of attunement is explained in language that takes the mystery out of the process. The combined use of symbols is demonstrated and you’ll find the explanation of typical applications particularly helpful.

The absorbing art of focusing through Reiki is given significant attention here. Your ability to find festering regrets, frustrations, hatred and other emotional blockages that can cause pain and uneasiness that needs to be cleansed is dealt with in a matter-of-fact way. The authors also combine Reiki effectively with NLP Timeline therapy to demonstrate how to assist others in exploring their hidden negative influences.

The final Reiki 3 Master/Teacher manual is explicitly designed as the start point for a journey of discovery. The Malones deal effectively with the sensitive subject of the secrecy of the Reiki symbols and their somewhat unusual approach in publishing them. They describe the responsible role of a Reiki Master and the vital need to attune people to this amazing therapy without the need to part with large sums of money.

You are given precise instructions about the attunement ceremonies for first, second and third degrees with variations described that shine some light on the flexibility of this process. Distant attunements are also covered in a comprehensive fashion.

The 10 lessons are concluded with a taste of the ocean of possibilities open to Reiki practitioners. Psychic surgery and its ability to remove negative energy blockages is discussed in great detail and, as with all of Gerry and Adele Malone’s work, excellent guidance is given when dealing with people who have known physical or psychological problems.

“The Essence of Reiki” is a complete work, if any introduction can be complete. It makes this astounding “self-healing” process available and accessible to anyone who has an interest. Written in a way that draws you onwards and gives you a hunger for more, it puts everyone in touch with the universe.

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