East Indian Jewelry Using Gemstones: Remedy for Rahu

Vedic astrology can be helpful when creating gemstones and jewelry and can also remedy another important “planet” found in the vedic worldview. Rahu is also unique to Vedic astrology as well as his “other half”, Ketu. How Ketu and Rahu came to be recognized as planets is discussed in the profile for Ketu. See that article for more information on exactly how Rahu and Ketu are calculated and what they are in general.

In Indian Astrology Rahu is known as the “head of the snake” and in many ways he is the exact opposite of Ketu. As we shall see below, the two in many ways work in unison to drive the soul of an individual to work out old karma while at the same time creating new karma.


Rahu is the ascending node of the moon and it afflicts the Moon more than any other planet.

Rahu points to the direction of spiritual growth for an individual and wherever he is placed in a chart there will be a tendency to indulgence or obsession. In many ways the path that Rahu indicates is designed to lead the individual to self-destruction. It is said that Rahu gives and Ketu takes away but to be more accurate Rahu gives in the same manner that a drug dealer “gives’ since what he gives is designed to hook into you and become a need which leads toward ones own downfall.

Rahu is especially associated with the sense of emptiness that must be fed regardless of the problems it causes. This is the emptiness of the addict, the workaholic or the serial killer.

Rahu has a very strong affiliation with the air. Airplanes, aviation, pilots and space travel all fall under his influence. Rahu can involve one in areas of life considered somewhat taboo by conventional society such as astrology, metaphysics, occultism, witchcraft, cults, skin diseases, executions and epidemics. Rahu also has a tendency to drive one toward areas where deception and the hidden aspect of something play a large role such as politics, revolutions, drugs, secret societies, mysteries, inventions, scientists, deceit, affairs and taboo sexual appetites.

See the article on Ketu for animal affiliations common between both “planets”.

Snakes encountered in dreams or in life are often thought to be manifestations of Rahu.

Rahu has an special affiliation with Garlic, which is said to have sprung from the ground where his blood fell.

The Seagull or Gull is known to be an aspect of Rahu.


Tamas, Rahu, Asura, Swarbhanu, Vidhuntuda, Pata, Sainhikeya, Bhujanga and Ahi. The common term is Rahu.


Rahu represents indulgence and expansion to the point of fault. Smoke, mental illness (over expanded consciousness), losses, theft, death of family members, and air disasters are other negative aspects.

Rahu does have a positive influence on gambling or speculation, which takes place in activities like investing in the Stock Market. Another positive aspect is his ability to heal diseases. Foreigners and sudden changes also fall under the area of Rahu.


The goddess Durga is often associated with Rahu and on occasion her dark counterpart Kali. The Nagas are always a manifestation of Rahu and sometimes snakes in general are considered the same. One could make a good case for Medusa of Greek mythology to be another manifestation of Rahu.

The direction Southwest is given to the rulership of Rahu.

See the article on Ketu for the story of how Rahu and Ketu came to be and gained immortality through a conflict with the Devas.

The age of 42 is considered to be the time in which Rahu comes to full fruition.

Rahu owns no particular sign. However, he is considered exalted in Taurus (which also has a tendency to overindulge) and his fall is in Scorpio.

Rahu is malefic as a whole though he does bring about the tendency of being “lucky”.

The color black is associated with Rahu as well as the color “smoke”. His metal is Lead, like Ketu.

The wind or air is considered the element of Rahu.

Rahu has a Vatta constitution in Ayurveda.


Accidents, afflictions, cosmic law, rebirth, air disasters, cheating, corruption, drug addiction, destiny or fate, consumption, insects, poison, deceit, power hungry, widowhood, inevitability, karma, aloneness, fear, things or people foreign, apathy, hard times, intense pain, snakes, radical changes, luck, wealth through inheritance, corruption, madness, schizophrenia, delusions.


Remedies for Rahu are known to be either boon or bane, much like the planet itself. Soon after a remedy one is either flooded with good or bad things in a somewhat unpredictable manner. The best advice is to try a gem remedy for a while and see how it is going. If negative events begin to materialize remove it as soon as possible.

Gomeda or Gomed is the usual choice for Rahu. This gem is also called Hessonite Garnet. Ideally it should be set in lead but as discussed under Ketu, this is often not practical. Brass or Silver can be acceptable alternatives.

With gemstones and jewelry the Vedic remedy for Rahu if over-balanced can trigger effects in the following areas: timidity, anxiety, madness, hallucination, emptiness, meaningless, confusion, escapism, addiction, neurosis, psychosis, deception, vagueness, illusion, and delusion.

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