Helping Others: Creative Visualization and Prayer

When writing relationship articles a subject my readers have brought to my attention is the use of creative visualization to effect others. Also, another approach for sending helpful intentions is through prayer.

Many of writings have gone into detail about using metaphysics to control someone else and why its a bad idea because of the creating adverse karma. This time we’ll be looking at how to use visualization and prayer to help someone else achieve what they want in life. Using these types of approaches can be compared in some ways to other metaphysical techniques but in this article let’s discuss the unexpected benefits for the sender.

There are a couple of tricks to reality creation for the sake of someone else in order for it to be truly effective. Ideally, we would be affirming and creatively visualizing for this person because they had asked us to. Typically, I do this when someone asks me to pray for them. The reason for this is simple. Quite often we may put ourselves through an unpleasant experience for the subconscious reason that we want the growth we can gain from learning how to deal with the effects. Getting the situation resolved prematurely may just require us to set up a more difficult lesson of the same sort in the future. So, if I’m not asked to help, I will ask if it’s alright for me to lend my prayers to the matter while closely watching and listening to the response.

Most likely this person has a specific visualization of what has to happen in order for them to feel better. They have succumbed to the pain so much though, that this image isn’t real to them. Its a far-off dream. Our job is to understand that the healing or resolution they require is available to them right here and now, no more delays in the matter. Additionally, we can accept the resolution for them. For whatever reason, our friend has become unable to accept that the pain or difficulty can be over now. Therefore, we must accept this for them. We would creatively visualize them relaxing their concerns and knowing with deep certainty that life had greatly improved for them and that they were very comfortable with continuing their existence without ever having that particular problem again.

The other “trick” to lending your metaphysical assistance to another is in taking care not to be overly specific. This can be a concern when we are doing metaphysical work for ourselves, but is even more of an issue when we are doing our work for another. Innumerable times I have done a “successful” metaphysical treatment for someone. In this what I had visualized for them came to pass exactly as I had chosen for them. Unfortunately, this was not their solution! I can know that someone’s carpal tunnel syndrome is healed quite well, but its no good if what they need is to resolve their issues with computers. In such a case, it just comes back.

What I had to learn from this was to really listen to what the other person was saying. If my friend wants to stay with the same abusive jerk, but wants to be healed of her busted ribs, I must be very careful in what I affirm and visualize for her. I cannot visualize and affirm her leaving this guy, because then my whole effort will be resisted by her and no good will come of it. What I can do though, is to turn it over to my Higher Power. I can know that there is a perfect solution which includes the healing of her ribs. I can accept that solution for her, whether either one of us knows consciously what it may be. This helps keep me from getting cranky (a real possibility in such a situation) and prevents my friend from resisting a positive outcome.

Doing metaphysical work for those we care for is rewarding and joyful. I highly recommend it. What is particularly lovely about it, is that to some degree we will always reap a similar benefit to that which we have known for another. For instance, I may not have an abusive mate as in the example above, but my relationship with him will show distinct improvement, or my health will get better in some way. Knowing the good for someone else in our own consciousness cannot help but be good for us as well.

Remember we are all connected so your creative visualizations and prayers for loved ones can’t help but include you!

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