Blue Cliff College (White River School of Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Would you love to attend one of the Arkansas massage therapist schools in the beautiful Ozark Mountains? Blue Cliff College Fayetteville campus previously known as the White River School of Massage provides you that opportunity. The modern facilities are located at 2503 Hiram Davis Place. By training in the art and science of this health care field, you’ll be prepared upon graduation to enter the in-demand world of professional therapy.

The massage therapist training in Arkansas provided by White River meets, and often exceeds, all industry standards. This means you will be fully qualified to enter your career with self-confidence and assurance that you know how to practice this healing art effectively. Your clients will feel safe in your hands while you apply techniques that will help them experience reduced levels of pain, enjoy increased circulation and improved immune system response, improve flexibility and allow their bodies to heal without the use of invasive therapies or potentially dangerous or addictive medications.

Many United States massage schools provide extremely short courses of study, but this is not really a value if you do not perfect your skills. By choosing White River, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive, balanced education that provides thorough knowledge of the human body and how it works as well as the hands-on techniques to perform bodywork therapy.

Because Blue Cliff College, White River School of Massage is a respected educational facility, students may apply for internship at a local rehabilitation facility. If selected, valuable experience working with real clients will be rewarding and help you to develop client relationships at the next level.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects that the need for trained professionals in the field of natural healing arts will increase significantly over the next five years. This is great news because so many jobs are being threatened by outsourcing. By becoming a qualified Arkansas massage therapist, you’ll find yourself in demand by employers that require your service such as hospitals, salons, spas, resorts, private clinics, nursing homes and many more.

CorporationChoosing a career in massage therapy can truly change your life. Instead of slaving away to earn a meager living, you’ll experience spiritual fulfillment by helping people feel better while earning a great income.

If you want a real career but don’t feel that four years or more of college is for you, you will want to further investigate your options in the bodywork and massage therapy field. It’s easy to receive information from the school by filling out their online request form. You will quickly receive answers to your important questions.

Learn more about this Arkansas massage school, click > Bue Cliff College in Fayetteville, (Formerally White River School of Massage)

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