Music CD: A Face In The Clouds by Marshall Styler

The CD cover of “A Face In The Clouds” shows a beautiful atmosphere of cumulus clouds forming a facial pattern against a deep violet and black sky. The music is just as atmospheric as the cover art. This sixth CD by Marshall Styler paints a background of orchestral music highlighting the foreground piano melodies.

It is quite interesting how this CD got its title. It is based on a true story of a boy whose father was a lost hero in the 9/11 tragedy. While flying to a retreat for families of the lost firefighters, the young man looked from the window of the plane and spotted his father’s face, formed by clouds, smiling at him. Marshall was touched by this story and wrote the title song in a single day.

For those who enjoy new age music, this will be a well-loved and often-played selection. It would be great for meditating, relaxing, or even good accompaniment for a candlelight dinner. Marshall Styler has stated that his goal is to “compose music that sounds simple and effortless,” and he has certainly accomplished that with this body of work. For many, it will also be very moving and extremely spiritual.

Face in the Clouds New Age Music CDIn all honesty, I will probably enjoy this music after stressful days when I’m doing guided imagery to relax. It is a bit slow for my mid-day listening enjoyment, however, since it is really too relaxing. Yet, for the many who like the slower, lighter tones of Styler’s style, this will be a favorite.

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