Divine Blessing: Aloha – Namaste Definition: I See the Love Within You

Namaste, Meaning of this East Indian term is something like “I behold God within you,” or “The entire Universe resides within you”. Essentially this is a greeting, divine blessing, or acknowledgement (much like “aloha”) which says that we are recognizing the Divinity in the person we are talking to.

In love relationships, this can be especially important. Particularly in our family or partnering relationships, we are subject to talking to who we think that person is, filtered through past experience, hurts, boredom, etc., and not necessarily who they really are. If we instead, chose to perceive this person we are relating to as an emissary of God, or the essence of Divine Love, we might make some remarkable discoveries about who we are actually speaking with.

Are you listening to God/Goddess when your partner is speaking to you? You could be. And if you’re not, then why not? Has this person lost value to you? Or, have you lost value to yourself to the degree that you no longer believe that the Divine desires to communicate with you?

Love is the most divine expression that we are capable of espressing. Our soul connections with our loved ones is a demonstration of our relationship with our Higher Power. Are you beholding the Divine within them? Are you being the Divine for them?

When embracing the true essence of the Aloha and Nameste definition by seeing the divinity in the eyes of those your greet, it keep the intention for love circulating about through the divinity of your love blessing.

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