Read This Month’s Astrology Signs, and Yearly Astrological Forecasts including Monthly Transit Reports for 2008 by Elizabeth Jones

Read current articles written by Elizabeth Jones, an exceptionally gifted astrologer, that describe how current astrological events affect us all, regardless of our astrology sun sign.

Transit Talk News Articles for Month’s Current Events

  1. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Virgo
  2. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Leo
  3. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Cancer
  4. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Gemini
  5. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Taurus
  6. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT – Aries
  7. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Pisces
  8. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Aquarius
  9. Monthly Transit Talks (MTT) for Capricorn
  10. Monthly Transit Talk (MMT) Sagittarius
  11. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Scorpio
  12. Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) – Libra

Now that you have learned from the MTT reports how the months astrological influences affect all signs, learn more about this month’s astrology currents and their time duration and influences. Be sure and read through our library of articles, because some influences last for many months at a time.

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Elizabeth Jones is an Astrologer living in Mt. Shasta, California. She began her study of Astrology and Metaphysics at an early age under the tutelage of her grandfather, Ralph Jones. Her web site at gives information on how current astrological events are affecting us all, as well as information on the Tarot. StarPathways also offers valuable tools for astrologers that we highly recommend. Elizabeth can be reached at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.

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