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The phenomenon of Google Adsense has been around for several years now. So many individuals increased their wealth as a result of capitalizing on the opportunities associated with this. Small business owners, groups of companies and even large corporations are participating and seizing opportunities. Online entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs should certainly read the latest publications that has been released for this. It teaches you exactly how to earn a good income from online publishing.

Course details:

“Earn $10 000/ month with Google Adsense digital publishing” (Click here for more)


For the past 12 years Google Adsense has been a booming industry. It has now become a multi-billion dollar industry, which many successful entrepreneurs are tapping into. However some big hosting providers and domain name sellers are capitalizing on new comers to the market and are making equally high profits from selling domain and web design services to them that will lead to nowhere. With rapid growth in Africa and India, the average Adsense business has the potential to double in size between now and 2018. You should capitalize on this growing trend through a strategy that has the right scale from the start.

Perhaps you already attempted to achieve the successes of the individuals who founded Mashable, Perez Hilton, BusinessInsider and WebMD but failed because your goals were unrealistic? This course will teach you HOW to achieve the right scale within an Adsense community to compete with other successful entrepreneurs who are making a fortune.

Some of the feedback recent students provided to Adriaan Brits the course tutor:

Earn $10 000/ month with Google Adsense digital publishing


  • Great Concepts provoking Reflection

    The instructor, Adriaan, presents some great concepts here that will probably prove to be most useful for a medium level internet marketer. BUT, THE MOST IMPRESSIVE POINT IS THAT ADRIAAN IS EXTREMELY PRO-ACTIVE IF YOU YOURSELF SHOW INTEREST AND ENTHUSIASM BY ASKING QUESTIONS; HE JUST CREATED A BONUS LECTURE SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSING QUESTIONS I HAD ON MY OWN NICHE – THIS IS ALMOST UNHEARD OF IN THE ONLINE WORLD AND I HAVE JUST UP-RATED THIS REVIEW FROM 4 STARS TO 5 STARS – EXCELLENT VALUE ADRIAAN AND WELL DONE! The course represents superb value for the cost ($10) and would easily be value at 4 or times that price. The main advantage is the overview which can act as a blueprint or business plan for how to monetize a quality content web site. So many people throw up websites and then look to monetize them but that is a a backwards way of proceeding and you wouldn’t start any other business that way. There will be times when the whole process of creating content feels like a slog but if you know you are following a business plan based on a higher level wisdom as expressed in this course then you will know that you are just following a process which leads to success so the “slog” will be bearable. That said, I would like to have seen more detail in this course. I would willingly pay a higher price for it; or maybe Adriaan is missing a trick and could be selling a separate course showing how to proceed on a step by step level. I would definitely like to see more examples of the editing on a portal concept and also more examples of other webmasters doing well with Adsense at different levels starting at $500/month all the way up to $10,000/month – maybe some analysis of those websites and what they are doing well and where they could improve – this would be extremely useful and I’m sure I would not be alone in being very willing to pay a premium price for such info – it could even be an at-distance coaching course – think about it Adriaan. All in all – very useful info presented here and unless you are very experienced I am sure you will find the content thought provoking.


    • This is a great course and one of the best in AdSense tutorial market. Adriaan is an awesome instructor. I was really impressed with the method of his presentation and no fluff step by step explanation. Though no room for onsite or hands-on but very flexible to understand for a beginner with motivation to do. I suggest the instructor should do a over-my-shoulder video. This will be very great. The video quality was cool This course worth watching.


      Books authored that can be obtained from Amazon:

      Title: Google Adsense blueprint for Corporations: and home businesses eBook (Adriaan Brits, Kindle Store)

      Title: Earn $10 000 per month with Google Adsense and user generated content: Join the multi-billion dollar Adsense industry today (Adriaan Brits, Kindle Store)

      This publication offers actionable advice for new and existing online businesses. The ability of home business and large corporations to benefit from Google Adsense as a multi-billion dollar concern makes this industry attractive to various players. Google is the dominant player in the online advertising market as a result of its willingness to work with both ends of the market. The author Adriaan Brits is also a training provider to one of the largest entrepreneurial classes for start-ups on Udemy. Every week he adds new successful case studies to his class as a result of the most research carried out in a live environment. New aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses can learn from these techniques by studying this publication and the recommended action points.

      With online advertising being the fastest growing segment, that includes mobile and tablet advertising, any website owner who understand how to target these markets, can prepare to join a very profitable industry. Given that responsive web templates and solutions are now so easy to enforce, practically all that is left for entrepreneurs is to gain a deeper understanding of how Google Adsense works and to observe some successful case studies.
      Today there are methods available to increase click through rates and drive higher traffic to websites. By further improving the revenue profile through diverse sources, the business plan is perfected, although constant improvement is possible. The incremental improvements to both these elements is what causes a significant increase in revenue. This publication discusses a combination of methods to improve these individual tactics, which users may incorporate into their business blueprint.
      Concerning User generated content (UGC), engagement can be significantly improved by understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and rewarding user segments in relation to their most prevalent needs. Content promotion, which is the ability of a website to rank users content according to popularity – can really target the higher esteem needs of the users and create a sense of achievement online. Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn are not the only platforms which benefit from UGC in today’s environment: Every online business can if it understands the reasoning behind UGC.
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