Healing with the Moon – The Moon’s Phases

By Toria Betson

Nothing can put things into perspective quite like the night sky. It has a way of making me feel I am part of the entire universe. I find it comforting to watch the moon and her changing face, as she flows through her cycles.

Our ancestors turned to the moon for right timing, time to plant, time to harvest, time to move on. We can use this ancient wisdom as well, for assistance with healing.

New Moon

The new moon is the first part of the waxing phase. It begins when you just begin to see a small sliver of the moon, and lasts for three days after. The new moon supports new beginnings and inspires us, so it is an excellent time to begin paying attention to a health issue, or to start that new diet or exercise regime. It is a perfect time to manifest healing in your life.

Waxing Moon

The moon is said to be waxing when it appears to be growing larger. You can tell the moon is waxing when you can see the bright crescent on the right side of the moon. The waxing moon supports growth, and drawing things to you. It can help with motivation, and be used to draw courage and healing. It may be used to increase sexual desire, and for any kind of positive change.

Full Moon

When the moon is full it is in its most powerful phase. Those full moons nearest the solstices and equinoxes are the most powerful of all. It is an excellent time for healing of any kind, especially for fertility, and problems of the female reproductive system. The full moon brings optimism and hope, and protects us. She governs intuition, and brings us guidance and help, when we need to make difficult decisions

Waning Moon

The waning phase occurs when the moon appears to be growing smaller. The bright side of the moon is now on the left. The waning moon supports banishment and removal. It is the perfect time to give up any bad habits or addictions, such as smoking. It can be used to banish diseases or ailments. It can be used to cleanse the body and mind. The waning moon can help us release fears, worries, stress, and mental blocks. It can assist in reducing pain and fevers.

Dark Moon

Perhaps the least understood moon phase, the dark moon focuses on the ‘inner’, the unknown, the mystery. The dark moon symbolizes death, not as an end, but as a transition between the old and the new. It is a time of retreat, rest, and inactive healing. Like a seed that has gone dormant in the winter, it represents the potential of new growth. It is a time of great power and healing, but not in an obvious or apparent way; the energy of the dark moon is projected inward. I work with the dark moon when I feel the need to ‘let go’, to have faith and to trust. No moon is visible at all during its dark phase.

The moon can be a place to focus your intentions. Mindful ritual, either simple or complex, works as a form of action, to help nudge your intentions along. Working with nature’s lunar rhythms can give your ritual power.

Here is a simple moon meditation I often use:

Connect with the moon. Feel her energy flow in and through you. Imagine your entire body is transparent, like a window. Feel the reflected light of the moon shine into you, filling you with light. Feel your entire self become brighter and brighter. Share the moon’s light until you feel you and the moon are no longer separate. As you feel the moon’s light and energy flow into you, let your light and energy flow to the moon. Focus on your intention. Assume your intentions are heard, and remember to give gratitude.

Whether you pray, meditate, or do spellwork, working with the moon and her phases can help you feel connected with the sacred, and with nature’s cycles.

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