Vedic Thai Massage: Nuad Boran Home Study Course with Mukti Michael Buck

Nuad boran is a type of bodywork also referred to as Thai yoga massage. It’s a practice that involves Thai massage, a series of stretching positions, and deep tissue massage.

Vedic Thai massage, also called Southeast Asian physiotherapy, is a form of nuad boran. It is a practice involving rhythmic compressions of the therapist’s feet, hands, palms, elbows, forearms, and fingers on the client’s body. The body is also stretched in various positions and disciplined using controlled breathing.

The purpose of Vedic Thai massage is to establish within the client’s body a balance or an equilibrium of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. Vedic Thai massage is beneficial for a variety of physical and emotional conditions, and is a complementary therapy that can be used in conjunction with other holistic treatments.

Becoming familiar with this technique can be an enjoying process. There are healing retreats in Thailand designed for individuals wanting to experience and learn more about Thai massage. Or for those wanting to stay closer to home, accomplished nuad boran practitioner Mukti Michael Buck has also developed a comprehensive bodywork course designed to teach this technique.

Internationally Acclaimed Nuad Boran Instructor

Michael Buck Thai Yoga TeacherMukti Michael Buck is an established nuad boran instructor specializing in Vedic Thai massage. Buck teaches thousands of hours of bodywork courses to students all over the world each year. Buck has spent years teaching, learning, and refining his massage experience in Thailand. While there, Buck completed several hundred hours of training at the highly esteemed Institute of Thai Massage and Lek Chaya.

In 2007 Buck was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame. In addition to traveling the world as a yogic monk, Buck is the founder and director of the Vedic Conservatory in Florida, an institution that promotes Vedic Thai massage practices, including assisted yoga and nuad boran. Buck is also a certified rebirthing breathing therapist and tratak meditation personal coach.

His training CDs are always highly acclaimed by students and massage professionals, and remain on the top of best selling lists. This includes his at-home course designed for those interested in Vedic Thai yoga bodywork.

Vedic Thai Massage: An At-Home Course

Nuad Boran Home Study CourseThai Yoga Massage Take Home Study Course “The Four Attitudes” with Mukti Michael Buck is a DVD set demonstrating and discussing information equivalent to a 12 day seminar. The 7 hour course features over 200 asanas, all of which are demonstrated for viewers.

Also included in this extensive course are:

  • a demonstration of The Paradise Sequence;
  • spiritual discussions;
  • discussions on the importance of breathing;
  • meditation and chanting;
  • physiological, emotional, and psychological aspects of Vedic Thai massage;
  • discussions of the anatomy and biomechanics of this healing practice;
  • discussions of the subtle body and prana, or life force; and
  • an introduction to some Ayurveda topics.

Buck’s Thai Yoga Massage Take Home Study Course is broken down into the following DVDs, all of which comprise the course in entirety:

Techniques of Thai MassageDVD 1: Introduction—Viewers become acquainted with Mukti, his philosophy, and the art of Vedic Thai massage.

DVD 2: 1st Attitude: Supine—Viewers are shown an opening grounding sequence as well as an extended opening grounding sequence.

DVD 3: 1st Attitude: Supine—This DVD discusses work that can be applied to the legs and hips.

DVD 4: 1st Attitude: Supine—Viewers are shown asanas for the arms, hands, torso, head, neck, and face.

DVD 5: 2nd & 3rd Attitudes: Side Lying and Seated—Demonstrations include procedures to enhance treatments and make sessions more diverse.

DVD 6: 4th Attitude: Prone—Learn techniques for a client who is laying belly down.

DVD 7: Paradise Sequence—Depicts asanas not shown in the other DVDs.

This DVD set not only allows viewers an opportunity to learn from an internationally recognized instructor, but it is a chance to increase incomes generated from massage practices by learning to incorporate Vedic Thai massage into sessions.

To learn more, click > “The Four Attitudes” with Mukti Michael Buck

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