Create a Massage Therapy Business Plan and Succeed as a Self-Employed Therapist

Amy Roberts shares her passion for immaculate preparation in “Planning to Succeed in Your Massage Therapy Business.” She lets you know through straight talking that proper planning always precedes success. Yes, she acknowledges it can be a tiresome process but somehow, with her help, you feel motivated to stay the course.

Roberts is obviously a believer in my favourite adage; “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. “Planning to Succeed in Your Massage Therapy Business” is basically a 50 page questionnaire; however there are no multiple choice answers. She forces you to think for yourself. This is a companion eBook offered as a bonus with, “Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists.”

What is impressive about the questions she asks is that they encourage you to look at your business from a wide variety of perspectives. Sometimes an oblique question like, “What do you think, feel and believe about why you are doing massage as a business? What is your attitude to business generally?” dares you to be flippant. I almost answered, “I’m pretty sloppy and I don’t really care about my customers.” However, just by taking that mental pathway you get all these realizations about how you really want to run your business.

If the eBook has a weakness it’s in the detail. But since this is a companion ebook, and the details are covered in Robert’s Marketing Secrets ebook, no worries! The questions she is asking will lead you to refer to her materials igniting insights… all in all you will be motivated to dig a little deeper.

“Planning to Succeed in Your Massage Therapy Business” is Amy Roberts very successful attempt to help her fellow therapists to get their act together. She obviously has the golden touch herself and only makes major business decisions based on careful planning and small inexpensive experiments. It’s not until you reach the end of the eBook that you realize that what you’ve been doing is writing your own business plan; something no self-respecting entrepreneur should be without!

To learn more, click > “Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists, and Planning to Succeed in Your Massage Therapy Business.”

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