Dog Massage a Growing Healing Art: Learn Techniques in DVD

Pet massage is a beneficial practice for both the animal and the owner, as it offers a relaxing bonding experience for both.

It is generally safe to use on most dogs, except in certain cases where conditions might be aggravated, such as with arthritis, fractures, cancer, and some skin conditions. Always talk with a veterinarian about your dog’s overall physical health.

Many dogs owners have already discovered the guidance of Therapeutic Holistic Dog Massage (CreateSpace), an educational DVD covering all elements of performing this calming, healing treatment on man’s best friend.

Holistic Pet Care

Dog Awaiting MassageAs a healing practice, dog massage is becoming more and more popular with pet owners wanting a more holistic approach to maintaining their dogs’ health. Because of this rise in popularity, dog massage is being taught in accredited schools across the country.

Massages are good for:

  • making a nervous dog feel more relaxed;
  • ensuring an active dog’s muscles are loosened before intense activity;
  • making a stiff and sore dog feel better;
  • older dogs with age-related symptoms; and
  • calming a hyperactive dog.

Benefits of Dog Massage

The benefits of dog massage are endless. Not only does it help ease the pain that the dog is experiencing, but it stimulates the overall health for the pet’s physical and emotional states. Dog massage also helps with poor posture and movement, often a result of an injury. This may lead to decreased muscle flexibility and poor blood circulation. When these situations are left unaddressed, the dog’s energy level decreases.

A dog’s blood circulation is greatly enhanced using massage techniques. Massage stimulates the dog’s blood vessels, opening them up and improving blood circulation. Improved blood circulation has many benefits for your dog, including increased oxygen in the body, better distribution of nutrients, and improved ability to push wastes/toxins from the body.

Sick Dog Laying DownTight muscles lead to tension and stiffness, decreasing the blood flow to the muscles. When this happens, the dog may begin overcompensating with poor posture and movement. Massage benefits the dog’s muscles by loosening tension, easing painful or tender spots, and allowing greater range of motion.

Learning Massage Techniques for Your Dog

Therapeutic Holistic Dog Massage has been highly praised by dog lovers around the world. This educational DVD serves as an invaluable reference to pet owners seeking a natural healing practice they can use on their dogs in conjunction with other treatments.

In this easily-explained and clearly-demonstrated video, dog owners learn techniques that can be applied to their pets. Techniques taught in the video include:

  • Compression, which increases circulation by spreading the muscle fibers;
  • Effleurage, a technique that soothes or aids against fatigue using a calming, gliding motion;
  • Petrissage, a technique that helps the dog’s body remove fluids and waste by having the nerve endings stimulated through  kneading or rolling technique;
  • Tapotement, the massage technique used to relieve muscle atrophy; and
  • Vibration to loosen the dog’s stiff joints.

DVD Cover for Therapeutic Holistic Dog MassageTherapeutic Holistic Dog Massage also covers discussions and examples of ice massage, abdominal massage, trigger point therapy, scar tissue massage, and energy balancing. Viewers will also be pleased by the thorough discussions of contraindications to massage.

It is imperative to understand a dog’s anatomy in conjunction with the various massage techniques demonstrated in Therapeutic Holistic Dog Massage. That is why included with the DVD is a chart of the dog’s anatomy, offering viewers greater detail and understanding of their pet’s physical structure.

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