Medical Intuition Taught in Online Course by Caroline Myss

The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course: Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body’s Energy Systems (Sounds True) is a comprehensive online course that examines an individual’s ability to develop skills for self-diagnosis and healing techniques, or medical intuition.

Medical intuition is the practice of identifying medical problems or disease using an innate healing or energy analysis.

Energy medicine experts Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy developed this course, valuable for anyone interested in developing their intuition in order to take more control over their own health.

Energy Expert and Neurosurgeon Collaborate

Carolyn Myss PictureCaroline Myss is a best-selling author and renowned speaker on many subjects, including human consciousness, spirituality, energy medicine, and the science of intuition. Myss is also the founder of the CMED institute (Caroline Myss Education), a facility that focuses on teaching students around the world about personal development.

Myss is the creator of energy anatomy, a field that examines different types of stress—emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual—and its relationship with disease. Neurosurgeon Dr. Norm Shealy worked with Myss on research in this area, eventually leading the two to write The Creation of Health (Three Rivers Press).

Dr. Shealy, director for the Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Pain & Health Care, tested Myss’s unique ability to perceive and recognize other people’s illness, something he found to be 93% accurate in all cases. As the founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, Dr. Shealy has worked with Myss to develop the holistic educational guide, The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course: Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body’s Energy Systems as a method for others to learn their own innate medical intuition.

Opportunity to Develop Intuition

The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course is an engaging opportunity for participants seeking a holistic self-care process over their own health. Myss and Dr. Shealy offer their expert understanding in the field for energy medicine and medical intuition and present a thorough and easy to follow course.

Myss and Shealy cover several intriguing topics throughout the course, including:

  • a complete overview of medical intuition, including a look at its history and pioneers in the field;
  • how to develop one’s own innate ability for intuition;
  • a guide to self-diagnosis, one chakra at a time;
  • healing with imagery, as archetypes, imagery, and symbols are the language of the psyche;
  • discussions on the five sacred energetic rings;
  • the influence past lives have on the present, and how personal history gets encoded in the chakras;
  • discussions on using the 7th chakra—the jewel of potential—for self-healing;
  • how to cleanse the body’s energy system; and more.

Beneficial Learning Opportunity for Holistic Healing

Online Course on Developing Medical IntuitionSuitable for anyone with a stake in the health of others—like a physician or psychotherapist—or an individual seeking positive physical, emotional, and spiritual health, The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course is a comprehensive and informative education opportunity.

Included in the course are:

  • weekly downloads, with a total of 8 hours of audio and over 12 hours of video;
  • over 15 hours of audio and video;
  • detailed written materials for reference, including intuition building exercises;
  • an online journal to keep track of learning; and
  • a participant-only forum to interact with others.

Energy medicine and medical intuition are effective alternative approaches to a healthy state of well being, and are suitable for use in conjunction with other healing modalities.

To learn more, click > The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course: Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body’s Energy Systems

Myss offers a preview of the course to interested individuals who visit the above link.

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