Boost Vitality and Feel Better with Energy Medicine

Holistic health care considers not only the physical state of a person’s being, but mental and spiritual wellness, too.

As a form of natural healing that encompasses a person’s vitality and health through the redirection and stimulation of the body’s energy fields—aura, chakras, meridians, and more—energy medicine involves a series of therapeutic exercises and techniques that are easily self-managed.

Donna Eden, esteemed energy healer, shares her wealth of knowledge in the field of energy medicine with her at-home approach in The Energy Medicine Kit, a complete package designed to assist users with their own energy transformation.

The Healing Art of Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a healing art that recognizes how essential balanced energy fields within the body are to a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental health. As a complementary natural health approach, energy medicine has many uses, including illness prevention and treatment; pain management (including neck, shoulder, and back); immune system and digestive improvements; and stress management and relaxation.

Donna Eden, Energy HealerThe restoration and stimulation of the body’s lines of energy include:

  • stimulating the energy points through a series of tapping, massaging, pinching, or twisting exercises;
  • energizing pathways using tracing or swirling patterns with the hand;
  • exercising the body and achieving different postures that induce energetic effects, including relaxation and vitality; and
  • engaging the power of one’s mind in energy manipulation, including generating healing energies through one’s surroundings.

Therefore, energy medicine includes several natural healing techniques, including acupuncture, yoga, reiki, qi gong, and various Ayurveda approaches.

Energy Healer, Donna Eden

Helping people discover the power of their bodies’ energy systems for over 30 years, Donna Eden has witnessed people rediscover vitality and a healthy state of being. Widely acclaimed in the field of alternative health care, Eden directs energies towards health and healing, promoting the body’s energy levels as key indicators to overall wellness.

Eden has taught thousands of individuals learn the importance of energy balance—including mainstream health practitioners like physicians and nurses. Energy medicine is an effective alternative wellness approach to conventional health therapies, as many mainstream nurses are incorporating the techniques into daily patient care.

The Energy Medicine Kit

Donna Eden`s Energy Medicine KitAlternative therapies to revitalize the body due to stress, pain, or illness work alongside in unity with many Western-based health care approaches. Because various techniques of energy healing are self-manageable, many people seek at-home exercises or therapies that can be incorporated into treatment plans.

Eden’s The Energy Medicine Kit is an inclusive guide designed to help people recognize the power and ability of their own body to revitalize itself. The Energy Medicine Kit was designed to educate users to naturally self-manage their health—including people with chronic fatigue, pain issues, immune problems, decreased levels of mental alertness or emotional imbalances—through such techniques as pressure point massage, breathing exercises, and simple body movements.

Included in The Energy Medicine Kit are:

  • an educational DVD containing energy medicine demonstrations, including 15 exercises designed specifically for energy restoration;
  • an audio CD discussing 21 energy-revitalization techniques;
  • illustrated energy medicine cards, referencing various exercises taught in the kit;
  • a reference booklet discussing the essentials of energy medicine, with specific referral to the exercises taught in the kit; and
  • a glass crystal, frequently used in energy medicine techniques to redirect the body’s energies.

To learn more about Energy Medicine, click > The Energy Medicine Kit

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