The Invisible Garment

By Connie Kaplan

Reading Your Fine Print

We are here to offer gifts, not to learn lessons. This incarnation is far beyond schoolroom mentality. So teaches Dr. Connie Kaplan, author of The Invisible Garment, a reference book to help you read and understand the fine print of your soul’s sacred contract. Usually, the fine print of a contract is no fun to read, but you’ll enjoy this one.

To be most effective and joyful in bringing our gifts to life’s tapestry, we have to remember what they are. Fortunately, according to Kaplan, what we bring to life is recorded for us in the skies. “The position of the planets at the moment of your birth is the best record available to help us understand your unique spiritual patterning…the stars do not determine your fate, but their relative position…record your agreement with life.”

Kaplan writes that she received this information from two angels (messengers) who came to visit her as she sat vigil at her father’s deathbed. At first, she kept quiet about this visit, but as she worked with what the angels taught her, Kaplan became far less concerned about how she received the information and more interested with using the information to benefit others.

Ideally, to benefit from the information yourself, you will use a Tropical, Placidus birth chart. The number of degrees for the Sun, Moon, planets, Ascendant, and Midheaven will tell you with which of the 30 principles you are contracted. Once she walks the reader through the process of identifying the threads of their sacred garment, Kaplan offers in-depth information about each of the principles and their interaction with their heavenly bodies.

For example, your Moon principle is one that you have fully mastered in a previous incarnation. It is so deeply embedded in your “weave” that you probably never think about it. My Moon principle, for example, is Placement, the original principle of location in time and space. This explains why I struggle when I try to tell someone else how to be organized. Organized is just what I am: I don’t know how to tell you how to do it! Moon in Placement also explains why I get so excited about the goal of having my home paid for. Some people get excited about adventure and romance, while being rooted thrills me.

But most important for my contribution to others is that Placement “could be called ‘the power of limitation’ or the ‘power of being defined by boundary.'” My Moon in Placement gives me very definite priorities, a place to anchor my thread, so that my wide variety of interests doesn’t scatter my powerful energy into a diffuse nothingness. When I read this, I laughed as I remembered a talk I drafted a few months ago called “Arguing for Your Limitations!”

This is just one example of how The Invisible Garment gives the reader a pleasurable sense of recognition, in addition to a wave of gratitude for the opportunity to live this lifetime. Kaplan reports that many of the people who have gained this information gain a whole new outlook on their childhood experiences and other relationships. Not only will you enjoy seeing yourself in the pages of this book, but you’ll benefit greatly from seeing how your weave interacts with that of others in your life to create the tapestry we all live as One.

Article by Christie McKaskle

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