Aromatherapy for Non-Attachment

Have you ever felt the pain of losing something to which you felt utterly attached? Perhaps you lost a special keepsake from your childhood. Maybe you lost the ability to participate in an activity you enjoy. It’s likely you’ve even lost someone who was dear to you.

While a certain level of attachment is healthy, attaching ourselves to someone or something too strongly can cause problems in our daily lives. By applying and practicing the spiritual concept of non-attachment, we free ourselves from pain, suffering, jealousy, and co-dependency.

Non-attachment does not mean you need to be indifferent, apathetic, or lacking of direction. It means at its deep and spiritual level that we should sit back, evaluate our lives and situations objectively, and enjoy being in the moment.

By being non-attached, we create and attract healthier relationships. We are able to determine when situations are good for us, or conversely when they may be harmful to our being. We let go of materialism and attract more abundance with our deep knowledge that the universe provides for us exactly what we need.

Working and practicing this universal law of non-attachment can at times be simple, while at other times it may be very challenging. But with the wonderful support of aromatic blends, you will be able to make tremendous progress in your efforts to practice non-attachment.

Create and set up an altar on which you will lay a scarf of beautiful fabric. Here you will place either a violet or white candle, some flowers, and whatever items you cherish, such as beads or crystals, like rose quartz, amethyst, or mother of pearl.

Sit quietly in front of your altar. Light the candles.

Anoint your third eye or 6th chakra with one of the following aromatic blends mentioned below.

Visualize the situations or relationships to which you are the most attached. See yourself stepping back from them and looking at them from different angles.

How do you feel?

Now say three times to yourself the following mantra. “I choose to let go of any attachment felt toward…”

When clearing the energy and removing any “toxic” thoughts associated with your attachments, you open a healthy space to create exactly what your heart strives for. Enjoy yourself more fully, attract healthier relationships, draw more abundance in your social life and with finances.

And best of all, free yourself from the pain, suffering, jealousy, and co-dependency of unhealthy attachments.

Meditative and Non-Attachment Aromatherapy Blend

The recipe should be made by pouring the oil essences into a 10-ml bottle, and then adding vegetable oil to fill.

6 drops Sandalwood

5 drops Cedarwood

5 drops Cypress

Anoint the third eye prior to meditation, visualization, or any other spiritual exercises.

Pour two to three drops of the blend into the palm of your hands and inhale. Anoint clockwise the third eye, base of the occipital, temples, forehead and neck.

By Françoise Rapp

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