Wish It, Dream It, Do It (Paperback) by Leslie Levine

Wish It, Dream It, Do It, the latest release by Leslie Levine is one book that every person who wants to experience a positive life change should own. A Fireside Book published by Simon & Schuster, this is perhaps the most important personal development paperback I have ever encountered.

All too often titles such as this contain suggestions to meditate, focusing on what your dreams include, but fail to provide practical, realistic means to obtain those dreams. Levin’s Wish It, Dream It, Do It is the exact opposite in that the content is all about setting and reaching dreams.

Levin’s publication is intended to be used as a life workbook over the course of one year. There are no chapters; instead each section is named with a week number. When I initially opened the book, I thought the pages were rather poor quality, somewhat like newsprint. The reason was soon revealed; this type of paper was selected due to its compatibility with pencil or ink.

Each weekly section of this fabulous personal growth book begins with a quotation applicable to the subject of that week’s study. There are then seven questions to help you search your inner-self for the contents of your soul and dreams. Following the discussion of the section based on the questions you are asked are three or four experiments to perform during that week. For example two of the four experiments during Week One, “Suspend Your Disbelief” and “Celebrate Every Achievement – Large and Small” each provide brief instructions to help you succeed.

Each weekly section of Wish It, Dream It, Do It ends with a workbook section. In the area entitled ‘Practice’ you are asked to write down responses to three questions or points. Each of these practice points are very revealing and help you identify what you want and how to get there. Using Week One as an example, you are asked to provide three responses each to the questions “How would I like my life to look in a year?”, “The first steps I can take to wish, dream, and do include:”, and “What are the initial challenges I’m likely to encounter?” Each week’s section ends with creating your own affirmation based on your responses.

Every single section of Wish It, Dream It, Do It by Leslie Levine is just as straight-forward and practical as the examples provided above. Anyone who is willing to dedicate a little time every week for one year working with Levine’s guidebook and who is also willing to act on their dreams is guaranteed to see a positive change in their life within that year. Never are there any promises of great wealth or achievement of every possible dream, no promises of winning the lottery or landing a job for which you don’t qualify; instead the soul-searching, planning, and action will certainly result in changes in whatever area of life you wish to improve. Placing thoughts, desires, and plans of action in writing causes one to feel dedication and commitment. Reaching goals is much easier with a written road map to follow.

Wish It, Dream It, Do It is not Leslie Levine’s first publication. She is also author of Ice Cream for Breakfast and Will This Place Ever Feel Like Home. After reading Wish It, I was so impressed I now feel I simply must locate and read her other books.

From teenagers planning to begin their road toward success to the elderly seeking happiness later in life, Wish It, Dream It, Do It is absolutely for everyone. Levine suggests forming a Wish It Group with friends, and I think this would be a lot of fun. Sharing dreams and accomplishments with loved ones is a perfect way to provide support to one another as each member works toward achieving their uniquely personal dreams. After completing the initial year of self-searching and accomplishment, you will likely want another copy to continue your development the following year, too.

I suggest you obtain one copy of Wish It, Dream It, Do It by Leslie Levine for yourself and several additional copies to give as gifts. After all, everyone has wishes and dreams but often lack direction on how to practically and realistically make their hopes become reality. Levine’s publication, more than any other I’ve read of this genre, provides the means to develop that direction as well as kick in the motivation to take those small steps that add up to a long, successful journey. The 266 pages in Levine’s latest self-help book is transformational. It can truly change your life, your future, and help you manifest a new reality.

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