Projection of Your Horoscope Energies

The phenomenon of projection in the horoscope is a fascinating occurrence, though it can be very frustrating for the astrologer.

When a client is projecting, instead of being a vehicle for the energies of the chart, he/she will attract others into their lives who will act out those energies for them. So, the astrologer might legitimately assume when he/she sees a 1st house Mars, that they will be dealing with a pretty assertive individual. This may not be the case if the client is unwilling to own their assertive/aggressive energies, and will instead attract very dominant and assertive people to them. Actually, this is a pattern that I’ve seen quite often in the charts of abuse victims.

You will also find the strictly psychological use of this concept at work as well. This occurs when the client imagines that there are those around him/her who are the embodiment of traits found in their own horoscope. This is most typical with the opposition aspect. Perhaps you have a female client with a Venus/Pluto opposition. She may see “femme fatales” lurking everywhere, as she herself unconsciously aims to dominate the female sexual arena in her environment.

It can be very useful to understand this phenomenon, especially with the outer planets. For many people under 30 for instance, one can reasonably assume that they experience Saturn as an outer world authority figure or as the frustrating nature of “Murphy’s Law”, instead of their own responsibility and inner authority. This is a type of projection, fully understandable as we view the awesome power of the outer planets in the individual chart.

From a material point of view, this is the reality of the outer planets. Their energies are “done unto us” and we are the pawns of an uncaring universe. There is a great deal of evidence to indicate that this is not necessarily true, or at least that there is a great deal more to the situation than is immediatly apparent.

Uranus is frequently projected as the energy that rocks the boat. It is the Great Awakener. It is interesting to see however, that when there is going to be an airplane accident, a political coup, or a “natural disaster”, how many people will change their plans and just not show up for the event. There will be those who are part of the event, and even help to instigate it, and then there are the victims. In looking at the astrology charts of the people involved, it can be very difficult to determine who was a perpetrator and who was a victim. The energies will be very similar.

Coming from the Age of Pisces, the workings of Neptune can be very obvious in our world. We have millions of helpless addicts, those who are homeless through insanity and a planet being poisoned. These are all Neptunian manifestations that are being done unto us. Then, we have a 1/2 century of philosophers, adepts, gurus, preachers and more, who are using the energy of Neptune to help raise the vibration of our world. Again, we are seeing both ends of the spectrum, but granted, its getting bigger. The further out in the Solar System we go, the larger the energies can be.

Then we come to Pluto. Discovered at the same time as atomic energy became feasible, it has continued to transform our vision of reality. We have seen sexual crimes, genocidal wars and hatreds become more manifest than in many previous centuries. We have also been the beneficiary of radiation therapies, and a transformation of human consciousness with a rapidity unknown since the time of Christ.

Projection in the horoscope can only be dealt with through a willingness to explore the energies. Surprisingly often, it only needs to be pointed out to the client that this is their own energy and they can use it, for a life change to take place. We can look at our own charts, examining the areas where we may have bemoaned our fate, and look at them newly. Perhaps we need not be victimized by these energies, but instead, are destined to find creative uses for them in our lives.

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