Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter, and The Gate of Man

Astronomical Astrology is a bit different than conventional sign-based astrology in that we are exploring planetary alignments to individual stars and constellations within the entire celestial sphere, rather than the character of the 12 signs of the zodiac only. This perspective looks directly into the Heavens–to where the planets actually reside as seen looking into the sky.

In addition, the signs associated with the constellations are referred to as the sidereal signs. The signs common to modern day (western) astrology are referred to as tropical signs. The sidereal signs are referenced to the stars while the tropical signs are referenced to the orientation of Earth’s tilt in our solar system–which moves in a cycle of 26,000 years. Because the tropical signs move with respect to the fixed sidereal signs, the two sets of signs are shifted from one another at this time in this Great Cycle.

Of a more important point: there is a very special relationship between these two measurement systems, a unique geometry that is occurring now in this Great Cycle. This significance is mentioned later in this article, and is presented elsewhere in my other writings. In the discussion below, I will be referring to the stars, the constellations and the sidereal signs. So for now, let this issue of the signs not be a confusing point. Just join me on a journey as if we were lying on the Earth, peering into the majesty of the Heavens.

“The Stars would not be in the Heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness.”

Mercury Retrograde: an Astronomical Perspective

Somehow, the retrograde periods of Mercury often seem to be something that people dread. Silly! Mercury retrograde is like the retrograde period of any planet. It provides opportunity to redefine the facet of our lives that planet is corresponding to. Retrograde periods provide our opportunities for growth. Mercury retrogrades serve to redefine all that is logistical and methodical within ourselves and in our lives –including all forms of communication. This is a wonderful time for evolving our communication skills, and for clearing issues we hold within that distort our highest expression in life.

The astrophysical resonances of Mercury embody these aspects of our psycho-physiology (our inseparable mental, emotional and physical facets of self): logistical thinking, speech, communication, and all neurological processes. Mercury’s corresponding bio-energy centre is the Throat/Thyroid, the chakra of self-expression (also the seat of suppressed anger)–with a neurological tie-in to the Liver (our ability and strength to act); and to the calf muscles.

Evolved Mercurial qualities express in creative, coherent and intelligent expression. This is our will to live and speak our Truth in confidence, clarity and appropriateness. Mercury provides ability for mental focus and concentration, even telepathy and telekinesis. Mercury is resonance; defines learning and reasoning abilities, language skills, and some motor skills associated with coordination and dexterity.

Aberrant Mercury holds suppressed anger and expresses as covert hostility in spite and vengefulness. Suppressed anger blocks effective communication and speech, and distorts what we hear. Anger has no ears. Appropriateness is the mental-emotional pattern held in the musculature in the back of the neck. Aches in the back of the neck can indicate we are not living our Truth–inappropriately living a lie. Suppressed anger can create an inability to concentrate, learn, grow and change–creating a stasis of calcified energy within self. Arthritis and other thyroid related conditions can be driven from suppressed anger. When acute, this can express as overt hostility; incessant mentalization of life (excessive Mercurialism), endless talking and thinking; and forcing one’s beliefs onto others in righteousness. Suppressed anger creates confusion within self about making choices that are in the highest interest of our true soul destiny, and that support our greatest happiness.

This Mercury retrograde period begins on June 4–in the Pollinating Phase of this Lunar Cycle and two days before the Full Moon. The Pollinating Phase of a lunar cycle is a social and communicative time, a time of sharing all that we have been working on since the New Moon. This specific few day period will be one to explore the mental-emotional patterns we hold that motivate how we communicate and interact with each other.

This retrograde period completes in the following Lunar Cycle on June 27. This retrograde period interweaves wonderfully with Jupiter, and significantly begins on the “Gate of Man” (5 degrees sidereal Gemini)–opposite the “Gate of God” (at 5 degrees sidereal Sagittarius). This axis in the ecliptic is where our galaxy’s equator crosses the ecliptic (plane of our solar system).

The significance of this axis is profound, specifically now in the evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness. Now, in a 26,000 year cycle, the vernal point (zero degrees tropical Aries), which rotates around the ecliptic once in this 26,000 year cycle, is exactly 90 degrees to this galactic axis. The two axes, the galactic axis and the vernal axis, make a perfect cross in the ecliptic–the cross in a circle, a symbol found, in one form or another, throughout all cultures. This cross is also called the Holy Cross–the Divine Cross in the Heavens. The occurrence of this cross opens a significant portal in our evolutionary unfoldment where a re-unification in consciousness begins to occur.

The First Total Eclipse of the Millennium will occur upon the “Gate of Man,” on the June 21 Solstice–in the midst of this Mercury retrograde period. This is one of many astronomical events activating the opening of this magnificent portal in consciousness. This Mercury retrograde period, and the changes we make within it, will have ramifications that transcend our mundane lives and affect the depths of our souls. A new beginning is truly at hand.

From the Gate of Man, Mercury retrogrades back across the cusp of sidereal Gemini/Taurus, to the Horns of the Bull, marked by the stars Al Hecka and El Nath, where it will complete its retrograde period.

As this retrograde period begins, we will explore our capacity to respond to the demands of our daily world with objective, present attention. In this exploration, that which prevents us from doing so will also become visible. As we move through this period, we will find opportunity to free ourselves from antiquated attitudes and resentments we may carry from the past, those that lead us to war within self and amongst each other in perpetual stalemate.

Jupiter is of Higher Natural Law, superceding the logistical mentalizations of the human mind. Jupiter’s profound influence in this cycle mobilizes any crystallized thoughts that we may carry in this regard. It supports us to become free from self-defeating spiteful judgement that we may hold at an egoic level, so we may pursue and live our higher truth in elegant self-expression.

Retrograde Mercury will conjoin Jupiter on Jun 18 just as we begin the final phase of this Lunar Cycle, in “Focus to the Future.” This phase of the Lunar Cycle is a time of looking ahead from a fresh perspective in anticipation of what is to come. This is the second of three triggers of Mercury and Jupiter. This second trigger occurs on the cusp of sidereal Gemini, over the belt of Orion, and aligns with Al Hecka, the south Horn of the Bull.

The Horns of the Bull embody the evolutionary and primordial pursuit, struggle and engagement in the physical world. El Nath brings capacity for tenacious perseverance for accomplishment, providing drive to persevere and fight to achieve a breakthrough. El Nath is worthy pursuit for the future spiritual freedom.

In contrast, Al Hecka, Zeta Taurus, the South Horn of the Bull, is of stalemates, standoffs and brick walls–fighting old and antiquated crusades, especially those of a religious nature. Al Hecka is blindly or automatically continuing the fight out of a habitual pattern, even though the original purpose behind what one was fighting for is long gone. Al Hecka is of beating one’s head against the wall–a relentless and futile pursuit.

This second Mercury-Jupiter conjunction with Al Hecka expansively opens the totality of our mental bodies. It brings opportunity to redefine antiquated mind–dwarfing our petty attitudes while mobilizing the spiritually expansive, freeing up these ancient crystallizations within that drive our antiquated battles.

Although this retrograde period begins on June 4 and ends on June 27, the embracing theme of this Mercury-Jupiter cycle actually began in the previous Lunar Cycle, and it will complete on July 12. At that time, we will fully mobilize the maturity we have gained through the transition occurring now. Rather than fighting antiquated crusades based on past mentalizations, we will enter our future from a fresh and new clarity in the present.

As always, this process is one occurring within our individual lives, and it is one seen expressing in our world culture, especially regarding wars driven by antiquated religious crusades. The maturity we gain on the inner reflects in the greater collective consciousness around us, and this is where we find our greatest power to truly change the world –simply in the refinement of self.

By Nick Anthony Fiorenza

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