Energy Healing: Writing a Metaphysical Treatment

Writing a metaphysical treatment is an organized way of focusing your attention and concentration when there’s something you want to manifest in your life or for someone else. An example is performing an energy healing. Another name we could give is creating an energetic blueprint of clear intention.

There’s an acronym to help remember the sequence of steps for this:

Are R
You U
Ready R
To T
Receive? R

The first “R” is for Recognition

In this step we are recognizing the spiritual truth of the Universe, which is that everything which could possibly exist, already does exist in Divine Consciousness, or Mind. Since this Divinity is perfect, then all of It’s creations are also perfect and it is up to us to be able to perceive this perfection.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that we want to treat for the healing of a sore toe. The proper consciousness of this would be that we want the inner reality of a whole, perfect and complete toe to be revealed to us. Remember, it already exists in conscious- ness, we just have to bring our awareness up to the recognition of this fact. So our statement looks like this:

Recognition: I recognize that there is only God (Goddess, the Divine, my Higher Power, the Universe, or whatever your term is). In God, there can be only perfect health, and perfect toes. I see this perfection in nature and everywhere around me.

“U” is for Unification

We are also recognize that this Infinite Potential must necessarily also exist within us, because after all, It is infinite so there’s nothing that is not It, including you and me.

Unification: I am now aware of the great unity in all things, that I am One with this great Infinite. It (he/she) is in me and all around me, permeating my being. Therefore, I am one with this perfect health and cannot be otherwise.

The second “R” is for Realization

The realization step is where your affirmation comes from. It is important that you allow this consciousness to sink deeply into your reality.

Realization: I know that my perfect health is already in existence and I accept it into my life fully, without reservation or inhibition. All of my toes feel great and each one is whole, perfect and complete. This is an established fact which I now allow myself to comprehend, down to every cell in my body.

“T” is for Thanksgiving

We can only be truly grateful for that which we have received or know that we are going to receive. That’s why this step is so important – it helps us to know this.

Thanksgiving: Knowing that I already have the perfect health that I need, I am deeply grateful. My heart opens with joy and appreciation for this new revelation of reality as I accept that indeed, my perfect health is now manifested. Thank you Mother-Father God.

The third “R” is for Release

If you don’t really, truly let it go, the Universe has no chance of healing or manifesting it for you. You have to let it go in order to allow the Divine to pick it up. “Let go and let God”.

Release: Knowing that I already have the perfect health that I have desired, I now freely let go of this treatment to the One that is the Source of my Being. My faith and trust are complete in knowing that the surrender of this is my signal that it is now out of my hands and in the care of the energy of my Higher Power.

* And So It Is *

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