Self Sabotage: Support Your Dreams

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

Once upon a time, I was given a great opportunity to weave a shawl for someone and make some extra money. The person owned a yarn shop, and was even willing to give me the yarn. The assignment could have grown into weaving shawls for the shop. But I turned it down. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough. So I sabotaged what could have become a lucrative project.

In my practice, I see so many people sabotage what they say they want. Smokers who unconsciously create chaos in their lives, just as they’ve stopped smoking. Most submit to the stress, and start smoking again. Clients who have started to work with me to change their lives, forget their appointments. People constantly find ways to create distractions to give them a valid excuse not to do their dream. The dream that the Universe is supporting them to fulfill.

There is usually a purpose behind the self-sabotage. A belief has been implanted in the past, and changing threatens that belief. A person may have been put down so much, that every time they begin to move forward, they hear that judgement. The Universe had handed me a fantastic opportunity. I said “No” to it because of my insecurities and fears. To avoid the pain of hearing my inner critic, I unconsciously found a way to undermine my growth. The people who criticized me in the past couldn’t hurt me anymore, but my mind hadn’t gotten the message that it was safe to proceed.

If there’s some area in your life that you’ve been sabotaging the gifts the Universe gives you, you’ll probably experience a challenge when you begin to change. As you begin to change the old patterns, if you’re like most people, you’ll experience some resistance within yourself. You may procrastinate, or postpone needed actions.

Sometimes that resistance will show up as chaos. It may seem like things are getting worse. Don’t worry, it’s just that the cobwebs of your mind are being swept away. If you need to, consider what the underlying belief might be and address that with an affirmation. I had to work on an old attitude about struggling to prove myself worthy. By all means, don’t give up. Support yourself, because your happiness is at stake. Say “Yes” to the Universe. Remember that all of the Universe is supporting you in your expansion.

You can let go of your fears, fear of failure or success, it doesn’t matter. Universal Love will be there for you.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and leads seminars on empowerment and stress reduction. You can visit her web site at

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